Lost Hope


From the creator:

The fourth in our Art&Graft Studio Film® series, Lost Hope is a John Carpenter inspired film about the dark places we travel to when feeling lost and alone.

Distilling photographic techniques into an illustrative style, the film charts a cyclical journey of escaping the city and venturing into the wilderness. In the stillness of night, as the city sleeps, we journey through the empty streets. Plug in your headphones and head for the light.

Created & Produced — Art&Graft
Music and Sound Design — Echoic

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  • Andreas Kronenberg

    Beautiful! Love the different take on lens-flares treatment. Well crafted.


    Lovely colors and interesting animation of light trails.

  • Sam Garner

    Amazing work, takes you back. Has a hint of all things great about Carpenter

  • herrschobel

    i like ! it´s ( relatively ) simple from a technical Pov but it tops almost all the octane / vray / arnold rendered pieces i have seen recently …good work

  • Agreed … really well grafted.

  • James Gladman