Enle Li

From the creator:

Liz and I created our first personal project together, where we explored the expression of words and their creation of the visual world around us. We tend to not wanting to write a story, but more within the experimental form & whimsical sense. The video focus on the fundamentals of natural laws and laws of nature themselves.

Concept/Design/Animation: Enle Li & Liz Xiong

Music: Dronarivm

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  • YES! PART 2!!!!!!!!

  • Sam Garner

    Loved it. Great format. I just wanted the MOON to reflect on the OCEAN.

  • Oscar

    Great piece! Love the tone and aesthetic. I hope to see more of this idea. Seems like a good foundation for more pieces.

  • Scrutiny

    Beautifully done. i love the mood

  • Michael Iles

    This is incredible! Could be an stellar idea for opening credits for a movie.

  • Mauro Ramos

    Really Nice Concept