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EXIT 73 Studios: Coin

“Coin” begins as a rather humble homage to fighting games of yesteryear, an 8-bit nod at nostalgia with lovingly crafted keyframes.

Then things get awesome.

More than just an epic fight scene, “Coin” is an odyssey told through the language of kicking ass. While mopping up the screen with hundreds of foes, the short’s hero journeys underwater, into outer space, through the belly of a whale and into the circles of hell. There are plenty of references to video games from my childhood, but even without that esoteric knowledge, it’s a wildly fun ride.

“Coin” was directed and animated by Chris Burns (Exit 73 Studios) with music, sound design and compositing by Bob Fox.

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Tendril: Toyota To The Moon

Check out Tendril’s cute 8-bit spot for Toyota Canada!

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Jack Cunningham: “Stuff & Things.”

The idea behind Stuff & Things is not overly conceptual. Actually, if the title is any indication, it’s pretty straightforward.

Directed by UK graduate, Jack Cunningham, this short is a pixel-art exhibition on the arbitrary moments of everyday life. Like an art gallery, each section illustrates a practical explanation of how something works, or in some cases, just is.

The aesthetic is sharp and clean ‚ÄĒ simplifying non-analogous objects into abstract pictures that playfully vary in scale and viewpoint. Though the short is unbridled by a thick narrative, the piece is driven by color as much as it is by random subject matter. The assemblage of color is eclectic, but when put together, works, like a visual system based on chaos: supermarkets, LEGO’s, or J-Pop magazines.

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Pixels by Patrick Jean

Wow, tons of you have just sent this in, and it’s appearing everywhere on the internet this morning. And no wonder! Patrick Jean’s new film Pixels is a great short film. We’ve seen the techniques here before, but this execution is ambitious, clever and well-realized. And it’s the details that truly make it fun to watch. The Tetris blocks filling in the skyscrapers, Frogger leaping between cabs, and Donkey Kong on the Empire State. I really like the Atari logo appearing on the Death Star building down in lower Manhattan, too. Poor NYC, though. Always the victim of someone’s VFX disaster …

One More Production is the company responsible, and they’ve got a ton of other great work as well.


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Royal Gregory – Holy Fuck


Retro gaming-esq fun music video for Holy F**k – Royal Gregory. Created by Mina Song / Mirrorshade.

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Flairs – Truckers Delight

I wouldn’t exactly label this as highbrow, more like highfun! It’s pretty crazy and leans heavily on the raunchier side of life. Directed by J√©r√©mie P√©rin.

Definitely NSFW, but probably worth getting fired for!

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