Roger rebrands Nicktoons

Roger rebrands Nicktoons. with the help of Nirvana and some crazy particle action.

Buck Scanimates White Gold

Buck Scanimates White Gold. More on their process at the Scanimate site here.

Aardman: Cheerios “Mum”

With Mum, eating breakfast is a family affair in this lovable Aardman spot for Cheerios.

The Cat Piano

A few years ago now on one of my many internet safari outings, I remember stumbling upon an animated gif of what I now know… Read more

Studio AKA: Skype

Studio AKA gets us talking with two cheerful promos for Skype, directed by Grant Orchard.

H5’s Logorama

Check out H5‘s amazing-looking Logorama, and view the trailer at Creativity (via BoingBoing).

Japanese Google Street View

You have to really admire the Japanese and their animation. They can take something as mundane as how Google Street View works, and transform it… Read more

Steven Spielberg on Animation

Excerpt: I think all directors should be animators first, because you really can take the imagination to become something tangible, something you can hold in… Read more

Murray John’s “Goodbye London”

For some reason I think our London-based readers would really enjoy this…Murray John’s lo-fi music video for Luke Jackson’s track “Goodbye London. Yes the technique… Read more

Zwei Sterben by Marc Ruhl

This short film directed by Marc Ruhl is a meditation on death, but it put a big smile on my face. (And I’m sure it… Read more

Zwei Sterben by Marc Ruhl

This simple and sweet meditation on Death, has, ironically, put a big smile on a my face in the middle of a humdrum working day.… Read more