We Were Monkey’s Land of Talk

UPDATED with process imagery and making-of details. It warms my heart to bring you even more darkness for the main page as we near Halloween.… Read more

Fear(s) of the Dark Trailer

Fear(s) of the Dark trailer, brought to you by Blutch, Charles Burns, Marie Caillou, Pierre Di Sciullo, Lorenzo Mattotti, and Richard McGuire. (Thanks, Fred!)

Joerg Barton: I’ll Kill Her

For his diploma thesis project at the University of Applied Sciences Mainz, Joerg Barton created a stream of consciousness music video packed with beautifully fluid… Read more


The Wagglemax Zombocalypse Survival Kit

Soy Tu Aire

Soy tu Aire: A beautiful interactive music video (Thanks, Ihan!)

Raymond Prado

Raymond Prado draws 6000 frames for Singer-Songwriter Matthew Bryan on his track “Wasted”.