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Lucas Zanotto launches Yatatoy

Designer/director Lucas Zanotto has launched Yatatoy, a new studio dedicated to creating “safe digital toys and educational apps” like Drawnimal and the newly launched Miximal.

The apps have the same whimsical spirit and charming animation style for which Zanotto is known.

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Luiz Stockler: Montenegro

Check it out, the latest short film from Luiz Stockler, the cute Montenegro.

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Modern Love: Fight or Flight

As her relationship with her boyfriend was coming to an end, the writer Sarah L. Courteau grasped for a moment of tenderness between them in “Fight or Flight,” the latest installment for NYTimes’ Modern Love animated series.

The mixed media approach uses collage, rotoscoped live action, cel animation and CG to create a unique, endearing look. The team behind it, Reanimation, is a collective of 4 directors, graphic designers and musicians based in Paris and Brussels.

Watch it “Fight or Flight” on NYTimes.

For more on the New York Times Modern Love animation series, check out this post.

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Golden Wolf + Primary: Dog Blood “Chella Ride”

Golden Wolf’s latest project is a frenetic, collage-inspired music video for Dog Blood, a collaborative project between Skrillex and Boys Noize.

Art directed by Primary, “Chella Ride” features secret government experiments, dogs in space and, of course, lots of lasers. What’s not to love?

Says Golden Wolf:

We jumped at the chance of working with them and set out on a journey to create our most elaborate and detailed animation to date, mixing multiple techniques such as 3d, 2d, cel animation and live action footage to create a hybrid style that feels unique to the project. It was a rare chance to get the entire studio involved as well as a chance to collaborate with our sister company ilovedust on the design.


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Celyn: Vitra “Map Table”

With a charming jewel tone palete and lovingly wrought 2D animation, designer/director Celyn (Nexus Productions) shows how simplicity and complexity can coexist in “Map Table.”

The spot’s main aim is to convey the modular nature of Edward Barber and Jay Osgerby’s Map Table desk, produced by furniture manufacturer Vitra. But in Celyn’s hands, the story becomes unexpectedly beautiful ‚ÄĒ and reassuringly human.


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Conor Finnegan: Candice Gordon “Sound of Horns”

After the brilliant “Fear of Flying“, Conor Finnegan is back with the new music video for Candice Gordon – “Sound of Horns”. Make sure to check out the Making-of as well.

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The Podium Waltz

Daniel Bruson¬†directed this marvellous¬†animation for the opening scene for “The Podium Waltz”, a short film about¬†visually impaired brazilian runner Terezinha Guilhermina.

This scene follows the way her guide described the opening ceremony of the Paralympics to her, as they walked through the Olympic Stadium. For that I created about 1400 black and white watercolors, that were photographed and then composed and colored digitally. I tried to create this atmosphere where shapes and sounds emerge as they come to the character’s attention, and also to bring some of the joy and wonder of the moment.

Daniel was also responsible for this rather emotional animated scene for the film:

Update: Check out this nice making of as well.


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