Meet Dr. Brock

Vanessa Tam meets a difficult lifestyle choice through a nagging metaphorical subconscious, Dr. Brock, in her Senior Year Thesis at Sheridan College.  Also, check out… Read more

Jeremy Macedo: POLYPOUS

Check it out this brilliant traditional animation directed by Jeremy Macedo with support of Akama Studio and his talented friends – POLYPOUS.

FITC Toronto 2011 Titles

Mk12 takes us back in time for the FITC Toronto 2011 titles. Cel animation by T.J. Fuller.

Baby I’m Yours by Irina Dakeva

We saw this beautiful cel-animated and aquarelle-painted music video by Irina Dakeva for Breakbot recently and wanted to find out more about the production process… Read more

Let’s Make Out

Let’s Make Out Spring is here, folks, send this to someone you want to love. By Stephen Neary (via the AENY blog)

The Story of Bottled Water

The Story of Bottled Water, a new film by activist Annie Leonard and Free Range Studios employs the same clear and accessible style of their… Read more

Richard Williams: Animation Reels

Enjoy this classic, two-part showcase (reel 1, reel 2) of famed animator, Richard Williams, in a treasure-trove of traditional animation for commercial advertising.

Médiateur De L’Énergie

Médiateur De L’Énergie by Emmanuelle Walker of Chez Eddy with character design by Jeremyville.

Yellow Cake

Yellow Cake is a new short film by Nick Cross, an Ottawa-based animator who has worked for everyone from Nickelodeon to Spumco over the course… Read more

New Work from Birdo Studio

Check out these three recent projects from the Brazilian Birdo Studio: Sempre Livre is a poppy, colorful Flash animated spot that was made in just… Read more

Videogioco by Milkyeyes

This one’s got a bit of the old ultra-violence, so be fore-warned. It’s all in a good bit of fun, though. No-one truly gets hurt.… Read more


Dominoes by Wyld Stallyons is great new short film for the World Wildlife Fund that aims to encourage people to become activists for environmental change.… Read more