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Dvein: We Wander

In Dvein’s latest short, “We Wander,” you won’t find CG fluid sims or virtual Rube Goldbergs of visual oddities. Instead, you’ll find haunting visuals of animals carousing in the dusky liminal spaces between darkness and light, nature and civilization and hunted and hunter.

Each shot crackles with graphical clarity, despite being a live action production. The sound design, foley work and music add a hyperreal edge to every animal movement, creating a surreal, visceral undercurrent to the strange narrative that unfolds.


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Animation through pottery from Crafts Council


Clever use of the potters’ wheel – and pottery – as a Zoetrope by the Crafts Council

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Bot & Dolly: “Box” Interview and Behind the Scenes

As a follow up to our earlier post regarding the debut of Bot & Dolly’s mind-boggling short, “Box,” (above) we’re sharing an interview with the team as well as a behind the scenes video produced with The Creators Project.

Behind the Scenes

This behind the scenes film contains interviews with GMunk (Bradley G Munkowitz), BOX’s Design Director and Tarik Abdel-Gawad, BOX’s Creative Director together with behind scenes footage from the making of BOX.

Interview with Bot & Dolly’s Tarik Abdel Gawad, Creative and Technical director on “Box”

Can you please confirm for our readers that none of the box visuals were comped in post?

Yes, this is a capture of a physical performance. The visuals are not added in post.

Where did the idea for this project come from? Was it commissioned?

Box is an internal project that grew naturally out the the intersection of art and technology at Bot & Dolly. We have a great interdisciplinary team of designers and engineers that made the project possible.

From the start, the exploration of classical magic fit with our creative process. Magicians have a long history of mixing technology with performance and the categories of classical magic were perfect inspiration for the geometric illusions in Box.


Can you tell us a little more about the robots? What are those robots normally used for?

The spec sheets on the Bot & Dolly website are the best source of information on our robots.

IRIS Spec Sheet
SCOUT Spec Sheet

How did you work out the choreography between the performer and the robots?

Working out the choreography was a process of rehearsal and iteration. For mainly practical reasons it was actually me performing. I had the most experience operating the robots, and since this was an internal project, rehearsals often took place at night. Each robot weighs around one and a half tons so it takes awhile to get comfortable moving around them, and safety is important.


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Takashi Ohashi: Kou Kou


Takashi Ohashi presents us the brilliant piece: KouKou. A series of abstract images synchronized to Japanese vocal sounds. Check out his other works here.

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Cyriak: Bonobo “Cirrus”

Cyriak is no stranger to Motionographer. His experiments in looping animations are the closest thing you can get to a mind-altering experience without ingesting psychedelic drugs. This is both economical and fun.

His latest, a music video for Bonobo’s “Cirrus,” features the same surreal looping technique for which Cyriak is celebrated, with source material that looks as though it was mined from the public domain video treasure trove, The Prelinger Archive.

As the video progresses, its campy tableaux morph and coalesce into nightmare machines and gigantic robots of consumerism gone amok. It’s beautifully creepy stuff, done the way only Cyriak can do it.

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Nicholas Ferreira and Dominik Grejc: MOVA Title Sequence

Check out these slick titles for MOVA, a fictitious Motion Design Festival dreamed up by Nicholas Ferrira and Dominik Grejc as part of their final project at Vancouver Film School.

From Nicholas Ferreira and Dominik Grejc:

The Main Title Sequence for MOVA is a journey through multiple environments that aims to explore the creative process of bringing an idea to life. The project became more powerful with the astonishing sound design by White Noise Lab which was a key factor in conveying the emotions we were looking for.


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