UnitedFakes: KidZone

Barcelona-based UnitedFakes creates this cute promo for Kidzone.

Out of Sight

Out of Sight on Vimeo. So this is a year old, but it’s still wonderful, and I can’t believe it’s slipped through my posting schedule.… Read more

Kristofer Ström: 16bit’s “Dinosaurs”

Kristofer Ström directs and animates a DUBSTEP DINO ATTACKKKKK for 16bit’s “Dinosaurs.” And he made some wallpapers for your desktop, too!

Joseph Pierce: A Family Portrait

After a lengthy festival run, Joseph Pierce‘s A Family Portrait makes its online debut, presented by the hardworking fellows over at Short of the Week.… Read more

Gifford Film for Paul Steel

Whimsical handcrafted sweetness by Gifford Film (Arvid Tappert and Jonas Löfgren), via Passion Pictures

Santa Maria Joins the Hornet Family

Josh Goodrich and David Hill (a.k.a. Santa Maria) have officially landed in Hornet’s nest. To celebrate their arrival, two of their latest new projects have… Read more

Raymond Prado

Raymond Prado draws 6000 frames for Singer-Songwriter Matthew Bryan on his track “Wasted”.