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The Future


Witness THE FUTURE – by Alex Goddard

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Fresh Impressions on Brandmarks (from my 5-year-old)

Watch a five-year-old identify an array of corporate logos and offer insight into their brand in Fresh Impressions on Brandmarks (from my 5-year-old).

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Terry Gilliam’s cutout animation tutorial

A blast from the past! The youthful Terry Gilliam explaining the methods behind his cutout animations.This has been circulating the interwebs for a bit, and we thought we’d share it with you all. Should be a treat for all you Monty Python fans out there.

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PC and Mac, and Avatar

Hillarious little spot from Microsoft: this time, Mac is the goofy-sounding one. Directed/produced/edited by Keith Rivers, written by Keith Rivers & Steve Stockman, stop-mo animation by Chris Rodgers

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Nathan Love: “NBC Peacock”

Nathan Love is up to its old tricks, yet again, in NBC Peacock. In collaboration with NBC Artworks, the studio has created an animated station ID that playfully adheres to the NBC brand while showcasing their mastery of character driven animation.

In exploring the origins of the famous NBC logo, Nathan pays homage to the famous peacock logo that has driven the stations branding for over 50 years. Heavily inspired by the 1993 ¬†NBC station ID’s created by John Kricfalusi of¬†now defunct animation production studio, Spumco, Joe Burrascano, Nathan Love’s owner and creative director, elaborates:

“The brief was to create a stand-alone logo animation for NBC. The only guidelines were to make it our own, and of course, for it to be ‘the best logo ever.’”

Originally designed to promote NBC programming that was broadcast in color, Nathan has revisited the original mark and retrofitted it for today‚ÄĒbringing slapstick humor and personality to an iconic logo‚ÄĒwhile at the same time, making it their own.

For exclusive behind-the-scenes artwork on Nathan Love’s, NBC Peacock, see here.

For a multi-page, illustrated article on the history of the NBC peacock, see here.

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Greatest Movie Mistakes on BBC three

Those of you in the UK, Dont miss this here!
Continuity error nerdism For-The-Win.
Warning: don’t do this at work. Very counter-productive.

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