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We Are 17: Kiss TV & BBC India

It seems like the guys over at London-based We Are 17 have been nice and busy lately, judging by these two amazing projects launched fresh on their site. On the Kiss TV ID’s (above) they comment:

Each ident explores a specific expression of the attitude and fresh confidence that the Kiss brand embodies and their viewers aspire to.

It’s worth checking out the project’s page, with process info and images.

For the BBC Entertainment India brand idents, the studio took a stunning abstract direction:

All follow a simple theme of darkness becoming light, building to a crescendo of colour, movement and excitement.

Watch ID 2 and ID 3. More about the project here.

Sound and music for all these was handled beautifully by Zelig Sound.

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Gobelins: Garuda

It’s not new, but Garuda (from the wunderkinds at Gobelins) is a breathtaking bit of animation worthy of repeat viewing.

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Tata Docomo’s Cat

It isn’t often that we see purely graphic animations like these spots for Tata Docomo, part of a new branding effort by Wolff Olins for a merger between two telecommunications networks in India. But in these new mnemonic animations, the elementary shapes which make up the logo come to life to become more than just a static mark. The geometric forms are modular and recombinant, reminiscent of building blocks, Colorform sets or Ed Emberly drawings: which like like the new logo can be arranged and re-arranged in many different ways. And in each of these animations the shapes are funny, playful and cheerful: characteristics that the new brand wants to embody and let its customers embrace. Simply made and charming, but not simple.

We’re not sure who is directly responsible for these animations, but they’re lovely: Balance, Over Water, Seesaw, Squash, Shree Ganesha Hindi

See more on the branding here at Brand New.

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