Interview: Karin Fong

Forget the Film, Watch the Titles interviews Karin Fong about her recent main title and the making of “machine vision” for Terminator Salvation, her animated… Read more

Fredo Viola Profile profiles innovative a/v storyteller Fredo Viola

AICP Digital: Going Deeper

Photo by Mark Sebastian When the Association of Independent Commercial Producers (AICP) announced the formation of a new chapter, AICP Digital, we wondered what impact… Read more

Making Of: A Kiss From Tokyo

The Art of the Title Sequence goes deep with the creators of the animated trailer and titles for A Kiss From Tokyo

Hunter Gatherer Interview

Todd St. John and Gary Benzel of Hunter Gatherer discuss their creative process and their contribution to Incase’s Curated by Arkitip line. Watch it!

Art of the Title interviews

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The Vendor-Client Relationship

Motionographer’s Bran Dougherty-Johnson chats with Scofield Editorial, the creators of the funny-because-it’s-true viral hit, The Vendor-Client Relationship in the Real World. Read the interview and… Read more

Harrison Ellenshaw Interview

Nice interview with Harrison Ellenshaw who did the matte painting & visual effects on Tron. Pretty interesting in retrospect!