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Cisma: Criolo “Duas de Cinco”

If Spike Jonze’s vision of the future in Her was too sunny for you, try on Denis Cisma’s decidedly bleaker take in this short film inspired by Criolo’s latest album, “Duas de Cinco.”

Set in the south side of São Paulo, where Criolo grew up, the short involves 3D printed weapons, futuristic drugs and the inescapable dangers of poverty. The film seems to agree with the old adage: the more things change, the more things stay the same.

From the release:

From the start, the director imagined a record of the Brazilian’s “favelas” in the future, 30 years down the road, in 2044. This idea was too ambitious to materialize without large sums and Criolo is an independent artist, but became possible with the support of the Grajaú community and the production team.

Nearly the entire cast is made up of friends of the singer and people who live in the neighborhood, most of whom had never acted before. The main cast includes Daniel Dantas, Morgana Naughty and Léo Loá, young students chosen with help from the drama teacher of CEU Jaçanã public school, named Tiago Ortaet.

Produced through Paranoid, Clan did an admirable job handling all post-production.


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The Daniels: DJ Snake & Lil Jon “Turn Down for What” [NSFW]

Riotous, orgiastic and surreal, the latest music video from directing duo The Daniels is a hyper-sexual dance party that even the cops can’t resist.

NSFW: While there’s no outright nudity, the rhythmic pulsing of certain body parts might not be office appropriate for all of you.

More from The Daniels

Passion Pit “Cry Like A Ghost”

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Foster the People’s “Don’t Stop”

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Golden Wolf + Primary: Dog Blood “Chella Ride”

Golden Wolf’s latest project is a frenetic, collage-inspired music video for Dog Blood, a collaborative project between Skrillex and Boys Noize.

Art directed by Primary, “Chella Ride” features secret government experiments, dogs in space and, of course, lots of lasers. What’s not to love?

Says Golden Wolf:

We jumped at the chance of working with them and set out on a journey to create our most elaborate and detailed animation to date, mixing multiple techniques such as 3d, 2d, cel animation and live action footage to create a hybrid style that feels unique to the project. It was a rare chance to get the entire studio involved as well as a chance to collaborate with our sister company ilovedust on the design.


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Karni and Saul: The Staves “Winter Trees”

London-based Karni and Saul blend beautiful compositing with peculiar creatures inspired by laser-cut wood in this music video for The Staves’ Winter Trees.

For more woodcut-goodness, check out Nando Costa’s The New America and the work of Huntergatherer.


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Ohji: Keys N Krates “Treat Me Right”

Happy Friday. Make sure someone treats you right and kick back and watch Ohji’s Keys N Krates music video for Treat Me Right.

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Birdo Studio: Gloom


Birdo Studio presents a Japanese-inspired kaiju Brazilian music video. (“Kaiju” is a Japanese word which literally means “strange creature”, like the ones in the movie Pacific Rim.) Mostly shot in São Paulo with a 7D, this film was animated with Flash.

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Michael Fragstein: Boozoo Bajou “Jan Mayen”

Stuttgart-based Michael Fragstein created this music video for Boozoo Bajou’s Jan Mayen. Inspired by a volcanic island in the Arctic Ocean, landscape and weather maps, the animation uses a kind reverse-stratacut approach to explore flowing lava-like animation.

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