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[Process] David Lewandowski pulls back the curtain on two projects

David Lewandowski, an oft-featured director/animator/compositor here on Motionographer, recently posted two breakdown videos that are worth a gander.

Flying Lotus “Tiny Tortures”

The first project, a music video for Flying Lotus, stars everyone’s favorite hobbit, Elijah Wood. (At least until Martin Freeman gives him a run for his money.)

The process montage is full of interesting insights, including reference videos, concept art and extensive vfx breakdowns.


See the second project after the jump →

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SXSW 2012: Music Videos

SXSW 2012′s selected music videos featured a mix of techniques and ideas, from men who cry to disco ball-head ballerinas to doing a guitar (that last one is NSFW).

Check out all twenty-three SXSW 2012 selections and our write-up here.

Congrats to the Winner of Best Music Video at SXSW 2012: DANIELS for Battles “My Machines”.

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CANADA on How to Deconstruct Ice Cream

Editor’s note: The following post is by a new Motionographer contributor and copy editor, Brandon Walter Irvine. Please welcome him aboard!

Perusing the Quickies the other day, I was blown away by the video for ‚ÄúIce Cream,‚ÄĚ (NSFW) a punchy track from Battles and Matias Aguayo.

Produced by Barcelona-based collective CANADA, the video moves through a sequence of utterly distinct effects. Unlike most videos, where themes and looks are slowly built up, often in an additive process, the ‚ÄúIce Cream‚ÄĚ clip walks a very careful line by introducing a particular effect or theme just long enough for it to be registered, only to move on to another. Even after a couple of viewings, I couldn‚Äôt make sense of it, but I was definitely intrigued.

Director Luis Cerveró of CANADA broke it down for me.

Yes, it has a structure

It may be apparently random, but it all has a reason to be there. In our treatment, we divided the song into different chapters of what deconstructing the idea of an ice cream cone melting could bring to your mind. So there was first the concept of two opposites colliding (cold vs. warm, starting with the ice cream drops hitting the hot bath tub water) and represented by the young pretty girls (hot water) against older ugly guys (chocolate cold) and all these double shots of something against its opposite (snowy mountains vs. desert, etc).


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Channel Y

After a year and a half of blood, sweat, tears, and frankly a ‚Äėlil procrastination, YYY / Channel Y is re-launched. With more people experiencing the web on TV and TV on the web, this new iteration of Yes Yes Y‚Äôall is right where it needs to be. As one of the first passive experiences online, the site resembles what MTV once represented ‚Äď a fusion of entertainment and enlightenment.

At a party. Lounging on the couch. Seeking the new. Finding the inspirational. This is how YYY is to be embraced. Music has long been the basis of the site, and as visual artists it’s a natural evolution to have innovative eye-candy creep into the mix. After all, in many, many cases, the beauties of each are not mutually exclusive.

Bumpers have been created by the YYY team and are meant to function as segues into the curated content so keep an eye out for those as you consume the content from the site. If you are interested in working with YYY to create some of these bumpers or unique content that will be featured on the channel, be sure to reach out to them on the site, they’d love to hear from you.
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The Portable Film Festival is On


Spend some quality time with the Portable Film Festival’s fine selection of 160 downloadable films

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Interview: Shynola and “Strawberry Swing”

“We never claim to be original, just rigorous.”

So says Chris Harding, one of London-based Shynola’s four founders, in our interview with him about their recent music video for Coldplay’s “Strawberry Swing.”

Despite the disclaimer, Shynola’s body of work‚ÄĒespecially their music videos‚ÄĒhave inspired thousands of fans worldwide with their innovative visuals and compelling narratives. Motionographer’s Lilian Darmono and James Wignall went deep with Chris about the process behind “Strawberry Swing” and touched on Shynola’s development over the years.

Read the interview

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