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We Are 17: Kiss TV & BBC India

It seems like the guys over at London-based We Are 17 have been nice and busy lately, judging by these two amazing projects launched fresh on their site. On the Kiss TV ID’s (above) they comment:

Each ident explores a specific expression of the attitude and fresh confidence that the Kiss brand embodies and their viewers aspire to.

It’s worth checking out the project’s page, with process info and images.

For the BBC Entertainment India brand idents, the studio took a stunning abstract direction:

All follow a simple theme of darkness becoming light, building to a crescendo of colour, movement and excitement.

Watch ID 2 and ID 3. More about the project here.

Sound and music for all these was handled beautifully by Zelig Sound.

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RIOT Atlanta: Branding From Scratch

Network branding doesn’t get a lot of attention here on Motionographer. We tend to favor the quick-cut, visual slam-dances of advertising and music videos over the comparatively conservative design systems that attempt to express a television network’s ethos.

It’s easy to forget that TV’s largest advertisers are the networks themselves. Combine IDs, graphics, promos and all the other elements of a traditional network package, and you’re staring up at a staggering mountain of deliverables—and that’s leaving out the demands of multi-platform efforts for the web, mobile devices and emerging media.

To make matters trickier still, all the elements must cohere to one another while allowing for the network to evolve, to grow.

For the first in a series of features looking at the design processes behind network branding, we enlisted the help of Dominique Elliott, Professor of Motion Media Design at SCAD. This summer, Dominique was embedded in the offices of RIOT Atlanta as they worked on launching a new integrated web/TV network called Halogen, going live today in the United States and online. She talked to creative director Jeff Doud about their process and shared her findings with us.

Read the interview here.

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Eyeball: Centric Network


Eyeball launches Viacom’s new Centric Network with retro-inspired type, crisp lines and earthy palettes. UPDATED: new video with behind-the-scenes footage.

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