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EXIT 73 Studios: Coin

“Coin” begins as a rather humble homage to fighting games of yesteryear, an 8-bit nod at nostalgia with lovingly crafted keyframes.

Then things get awesome.

More than just an epic fight scene, “Coin” is an odyssey told through the language of kicking ass. While mopping up the screen with hundreds of foes, the short’s hero journeys underwater, into outer space, through the belly of a whale and into the circles of hell. There are plenty of references to video games from my childhood, but even without that esoteric knowledge, it’s a wildly fun ride.

“Coin” was directed and animated by Chris Burns (Exit 73 Studios) with music, sound design and compositing by Bob Fox.

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DANIELS: The Shins’ ‘Simple Song’

It’s no secret we’re thrilled by DANIELS’ storytelling and epic visuals. The duo’s new promo for The Shins’ “Simple Song” cleverly tackles an inherent music video dilemma — how do you combine storytelling with a band’s musical performance in a way that naturally complements the story, rather than competes or disconnects from it?

In four minutes, DANIELS is able to pack in tons of tiny details that give you a world of history within one house. And I love using the metaphor of band as dysfunctional family to integrate the performers into both the story and music parts of the video.

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We Weren’t the First Ones Here

A lovely exploration of paper-craft and frame animation by Kate Broadhurst, Emma-Rose Dade, Helen Dallat, Daisy Gould and Joseph Wallace. Made at Newport Film School, 2010.

Hat tip to Jason Sondhi.

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