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Onesize: FITC Amsterdam

Stunning main titles for FITC Amsterdam 2013 by Onesize. The design is by Bradley G Munkowitz (aka GMUNK), who also did the whole design package for the festival. More info on the project and collateral pieces here (and a process video below).

The main inspiration for the creative came from the DMT-Delicious moments in the super-favorite film Enter the Void… Munko has been on a tunnel infinite-void kick for some years now and wanted to build a practical, LED installation driven by graphic sequencing, utilizing the techniques learned from the FOTB Titles and applying them into a more densely packed setup called the PYRADICAL… Once the Pyrad was constructed, the aim was to capture the visuals with both high-resolution Film and Still cameras, which would generate a vast library of content to pull from to produce the artwork for the Conference Package.


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[Process] David Lewandowski pulls back the curtain on two projects

David Lewandowski, an oft-featured director/animator/compositor here on Motionographer, recently posted two breakdown videos that are worth a gander.

Flying Lotus “Tiny Tortures”

The first project, a music video for Flying Lotus, stars everyone’s favorite hobbit, Elijah Wood. (At least until Martin Freeman gives him a run for his money.)

The process montage is full of interesting insights, including reference videos, concept art and extensive vfx breakdowns.


See the second project after the jump →

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Process: Psyop’s Prequels for Dishonored

Bethesda’s Dishonored (developed by Arkane Studios) was one of the mostly hotly anticipated games of the year. Thanks to nearly three years of pre-production, the game is set in the richly detailed (if comparatively compact) world of Dunwall, a whaling town that’s crumbled into chaos.

Working with agency Rokkan and Bethesda, Psyop created three prequels, “The Tales of Dunwall,” to help promote the game prior to launch. Each video contributes to the backstory of the game, but the visual style was intentionally a departure from the look of the game. Each frame has a painterly, illustrative style full of the kind of details you can only get from hand-wrought work.

We caught up with Psyop’s Jon Saunders, Creative Director for the project, to get some insight into the process behind the work.

Where did this job come from?

We feel very fortunate to have been approached by Rokkan and Bethesda to help create these webisodes. From the onset, the creatives we worked with, Charles Bae and Regi Jacob, were very collaborative and extremely cool to work with. It became one of the best creative partnerships I have yet to be a part of.

What was the brief like? Was the story already worked out?

The initial brief came when the whole project was still very much up in the air in regards to visual look and direction. There was no story yet, just the idea. Charles and Regi wanted a back story for the game that was reminiscent of a fairy tale or folklore for the world of Dunwall.

Exclusive making-of materials after the jump…

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Capacity Updates

Capacity has just updated their reel! Also, check out the process section in their site, with lots of case studies: nice stuff!

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