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Yves Geleyn: Monster in the Closet

Yves Geleyn (Hornet) brings his trademark charm to bear on a chilling subject for States United to Prevent Gun Violence in “Monster in the Closet.”

Director: Yves Geleyn
Produced at Hornet Inc
Executive Producer: Michael Feder
Head of Production: Greg Bedard
Producer: Jan Stebbins
Editors: Joel Miller & RJ Glass
Assistant Editor: Stephanie Andreau
Storyboard Artist: J. Todd Anderson
Character Designer: Oren Haskins
Background Designer: Mark Boardman
Supervising Technical Director: Sang-Jin Bae
Lead CG Artist & Compositor: David Hill
CG & Compositing: Richard Kim
Modeling: Erwin Riau & Dan Fine
CG Animation: Sean Thorpe, Andrew Boccio, Emily Griswold
Lead 2D Animator: Mike Luzzi
Animators: Keelmy Carlo, Mark Pecoraro, Nivedita Sekar, Frank Summers
Animation Clean Up: Emma Noble
Development Producer: Kristin Labriola
R&D: Arman Matin

Edited by Joel Miller at Cut and Run
Assistant Editor: Tom Akey
Assistant Editor: Stacy Peterson
Producer: Melati Pohan
Executive Producer: Rana Martin
Composed by Mark Mothersbaugh of Mutato Muzika
Producer: Natalie P. Montgomery
Engineered by: Bradley Denniston

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Jens & Anna : ‘Kynect’ Education

Lovely stylised illustrative video by Jens & Anna at Picasso Pictures. Good news for Kentuckians?¬†For behind-the-scenes info including concept art sketches and more, visit Jens & Anna’s project page¬†here.

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The Magnificent Itch: Tuggerah Lakes Estuary

Lovely stylized CG inspired by the illustrations of Charley Harper in this PSA for Tuggerah Lakes Estuary from The Magnificent Itch.

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Don’t Fail Idaho (Extended Version) by Buck

Over the last several years, Buck has made a point of creating elegantly clever PSAs for causes they believe in. For their latest visual essay, they partnered with Idaho-based agency Drake Cooper to spread the message of the J.A. and Kathryn Albertson Foundation.

With charming audio from Echolab, the spot has a folksy quality befitting its subject matter. As usual for Buck, the transitions serve up delightful surprises by the eye-full while visual metaphors peppered throughout the poignant script give the spot equal measures of weight and wit.

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Dumb Ways to Die PSA

Cute / fun / good PSA for Australia’s railway operator Metro. Sing along kids!

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Lucas Zanotto: The Real Bears

Here in New York City, Mayor Bloomberg recently championed some controversial restrictions on the sale of sugary soda drinks, sparking debates about how much government should intervene in protecting the health of citizens.

While not everyone agrees about Mr. Bloomberg’s tactics, the health risks of sugary sodas are obvious. Or at least they should be.

In an effort to spread awareness on the topic and skewer companies that manufacturer the offending drinks, The Center for Science in the Public Interest has launched The Real Bears. Alex Bogusky (formerly the “B” of vaunted agency CP&B) masterminded the campaign, tapping one of our favorite directors here at Motionographer, Lucas Zanotto, to direct the music video that sits at the center of the project.

Mr. Zanotto recently released the director’s cut of the video featuring an alternative soundtrack. (Jason Mraz penned a sugary sweet tune for the official version.)

Interview with Lucas Zanotto

We caught up with Mr. Zanotto to get some inside information on the project.

Who approached you for this project? Why did they choose you?

I got an email from Marty Butler, from The Butler Bros. He wrote that he likes my work and ask if we could have a chat about a potential project they are working on. We had a Skype conference together with Ronny Northrop, who wrote the script for the movie. They presented the whole idea.

Marty said they liked my style and the way I bring in an analog and organic feel to the work. They wanted something minimal and crafted.


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Frames Set Match for Animals Australia

We all know how horrible factory farming is by now, but what’s interesting about this particular campaign is that it seeks to maintain its Television airspace through viewers’ donation. If there is one ad that deserves to be watched instead of getting chucked aside by channel-surfing or toilet-going, this is it. As a friend of mine said, ‘if this doesn’t stop factory farming in Australia, nothing would’. Consider making a donation, folks. Or at least think twice about where that packet of meat you’re buying came from.

Frame Set Match (FSM) of Sydney did the wonderful job of bringing this chorus of animals together. Full credits and more about the process and the story behind this ad can be found here.

Thank you for the nudge, Guy and Stefan.

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