I like to make things

Nathan Boey likes to make things and he makes them good. http://www.nathanboey.ca for more work

Samm Hodges Reel

Enjoy a look at Samm Hodges’ elegant new reel.

Syndrome’s incredible new reel

Syndrome Studio reveals a wide spectrum of amazing work with a new reel that highlights anything from video games to award shows and a wide… Read more

Onesize Anno 2012

Dutch studio Onesize has been around since 2001, constantly delivering outstanding Motion Graphics work ever since. Now they’ve just wrapped up this electric 2012 Reel, precisely edited (as… Read more

Tokyo o’Clock

Tokyo o’Clock Studio launches its very first Reel, and it’s looking good!

Buck: Good Books / Site Refresh

Beautiful new site/work/reel by perennial badasses Buck! Check out their stunning new piece for Good Books, here.

The Mill Showreel 2012

Another flawless display from The Mill with their 2012 Showreel.

Phil Borst: Reel

New reel from Phil Borst, designer/animator of Kyndill.

Change the Thought

Change the Thought, reppin’ Denver CO, released their first reel.

Eat My Dear 2012 Reel

  New reel with loads of new work from Austria’s Eat My Dear. Nice and cheerful audio by We Say We Say.

AICP Southwest 2011 Sponsor Reel

Dallas-based Element X Creative garners a trainload of nostalgia for the AICP Southwest Awards Show with their 2011 Sponsor Reel. Through a mixture of blood,… Read more


This is Monarchy, from Johannesburg, South Africa.