This is Monarchy, from Johannesburg, South Africa.

Showreel 2011 by Fredrik Ekholm

Showreel 2011 by Fredrik Ekholm. Short and simple but powerful. Audio by Zelig Sound. Be sure to check out the other works too.

Casey Hupke

Casey Hupke updates with a new reel and new work showcasing his directing, animation, 3D and design talents.

Vitamin updates

Vitamin updates with a killer new reel.

Cocoe New Reel

Madrid-based Studio Cocoe rocks a neat ‘tiny’ reel, showcasing a large variety of styles and clever animations!

Max Mörtl

Max Mörtl has a really great new stop motion reel.

Frame 2011 Reel

Montreal-based studio Frame launches its 2011 reel!

Royale Updates!

Royale rocks a slick new montage, as well as some juicy spots for Nike, Toyota, Taco Bell and more…

Capacity Updates

Capacity has just updated their reel! Also, check out the process section in their site, with lots of case studies: nice stuff!

Mainframe 2010 Reel

Mainframe cuts some solid work for their Winter 2010 showreel.

2010 Buck Reels

The boys (and girls) at Buck have been busy – 2 new reels!

Umeric 2010 Reel

Umeric rounds up their best work for the studios impressive 2010 reel.

Kevin Couture

Freelance 3D generalist Kevin Couture breaks out a tight 2010 reel.

MK12: Summer Reel 2010

Shortly after ‘Telephoneme’, MK12 launches their Summer Reel 2010.


Another killer experiment in mixed media from Benjamin Ducroz: Phosphene.  Also, check out his latest reel and other recent work at