MAKE updates!

MAKE updates with new work and a nice reel.

Impactist 2010 Reel: No Context

Impactist’s latest montage is “comprised of over 50 projects taken entirely out of context.”

Peppermelon: New Reel

Peppermelon ushers in 2010 with a tasty new reel. (Thanks, Shaun!)

Aras Darmawan updates

Aras Darmawan of Postpanic updates with fresh reel and site.

Nouvelle Cuisine Reel

Lovely reel from newly formed Belgium collective, Nouvelle Cuisine.

Filipe Carvalho

Designer/Director Filipe Carvalho updates with a new site and a stylish new reel.

Kevin Whitfield

Rochester Institute of Technology student Kevin Whitfield shows great promise with a motion graphics and vfx reel full of polish.

Jonathan Hagan: Modeling Reel

Media Design School (Auckland) student Jonathan Hagan crafted an epic modeling reel for his final project.