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Modern Love: Under His Misspell

NYC-based designer/animator Joe Donaldson was commissioned by the New York Times to create an animated interpretation of “Under His Misspell,” a column penned by Jessie Ren Marshall for The Times’ Modern Love series.

For several years, Modern Love has been a place for guest authors to share “deeply personal essays about contemporary relationships, marriage, dating [and] parenthood” — but the addition of animation is a new development.  

I wanted to find out more about Joe’s approach to the project and learn about the New York Times’ thinking behind the series. What follows is an edited version of email conversations with Joe and The Times’ Zena Barakat, who came up with the idea of using animation for the Modern Love series. 

Q&A with Joe Donaldson

Tell us a little bit about where you are in your career.

I typically work in the advertising/motion graphics world, making the rounds at the different studios here in NYC. So much of my time is spent animating other people’s designs/visions that I soon realized I didn’t have a well-defined voice of my own.


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Celyn: Vitra “Map Table”

With a charming jewel tone palete and lovingly wrought 2D animation, designer/director Celyn (Nexus Productions) shows how simplicity and complexity can coexist in “Map Table.”

The spot’s main aim is to convey the modular nature of Edward Barber and Jay Osgerby’s Map Table desk, produced by furniture manufacturer Vitra. But in Celyn’s hands, the story becomes unexpectedly beautiful — and reassuringly human.


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Franz Ferdinand – Right Action

Screen shot 2013-07-19 at 2.06.03 PM

Jonas Odell directs another music video for Franz Ferdinand diving deep into a classic retro graphical language.

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New Work by Buck

Characters, cel animation & pop retro: Buck keeps on rocking with great new spots for Fruit Snacks, McDonald’s and MTV. Credits on the projects’ pages.

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Royale rings in the Holidays with “The Bell Ringer”

Last year’s holiday short from Royale, “The Impossible Present,” featured a mischievous kid with an iron will. The mischief continues in this year’s short, “The Bell Ringer,” starring a clever (and somewhat violent) bell-wielding granny, Edith.

The short is part of a larger interactive experience also created by Royale. Royale’s Jayson Whitmore explains:

Our goal was two fold: to create a stylized animated piece with a dark twist (keeping in the tradition of our holiday video last year), and to create an interactive experience with a call to action to donate to the American Red Cross. We wanted to make the donation component as seamless as possible and set up the back end to accept donations that go directly to the American Red Cross.

Our goal is to raise 10k, and if we meet or exceed our goal there will be an alternate ending created as a thank you to everyone who contributed. It will be unexpected and epic so please spread the word so we can see what our favorite bell ringer Edith does.

Check out the interactive version of the spot on Royale’s site.


Evolution of Edith

Environment and Other Elements

Walking Men

More process imagery after the jump →

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Raúl Burgos Gómez updates

Chilean designer/illustrator Raúl Burgos Gómez updates with some lovely work.

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Fresh Paint Studios for Epix

Directors Kevin Robinson and Greg Herman crank out 90 (yes, nine-zero) spots for the launch of  EPIX Drive-In, a new B-Movie network.

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