The Astronomer’s Dream

Trailer of the gorgeous new short by Malcolm Sutherland. Checkout the quirky characters which include this Aztec/Mayan-looking giant robot!

Challenge Your World: New Films

Two new films have been released in the Challenge Your World 20/20 series, brought to you by Motionographer and Challenge Your World. What’s Challenge Your… Read more

Supinfocom :: La Peste

Here’s another brilliant short directed by Supinfocom students, Olivier Dubocage, Michal Firkowski, Benoît Galland and Gildas Le Franc, telling a gruesome account of a town… Read more

Eleven Roses

E1even Roses, a short film of unrequited love. Credits and more details.

Synesthesia by Terri Timely

The latest short film from Directing-duo, Terri Timely (Ian Kibbey and Corey Creasey), is a portrait of two brother’s and their surreal experiences as they… Read more

Franck Dion: Monsieur COK

Franck Dion’s Monsieur COK, a tale of vengeance in the age of mechanical reproduction

StopMo The Movie

Supinfocom Arles students pay tribute to Hollywood visual effects in this ambitious short film

Supinfocom: Cafe Serre

School’s out at Supinfocom, and the end of year projects keep rolling in. Everything we’ve seen so far is astounding, and “Café Serré” only adds… Read more

What’s In the Box?

“What in the Box?” is the extremely ambitious “test film” created by a Dutch students Tim Smit and Thibaut Niels that’s been heating up YouTube—and… Read more

Two font films from CollegeHumor

Two fun—and decidedly nerdy—font films from CollegeHumor: Font Conference and Font War (Thank you, Tanja!)

Patrick Boivin

Patrick Boivin’s latest stop-motion short—a comedic battle between Iron Man and Bruce Lee—burned up the interw3b as soon as it was released a few days… Read more

Stefan Schomerus: Plywoodpirates

Here’s one thing I learned from school: Stop-motion animation is hard. Damned hard. Not only does it come with all the normal challenges of character… Read more

Yankeegal : Full film with Q&A

Heads up, boys and girls. The full version of this Supinfocom student film is finally available to us online, after having toured these festivals, and… Read more

Hemlock by Tyson Ibele

Recently, Tyson Ibele emailed me about his new film ‘Hemlock’ for CG Society’s Steampunk Myths and Legends 3D challenge. I thought it was amazing and… Read more

“Oktapodi” Back Up

After being offline while it made the festival cirtcuit and drummed up enough support to get nominated for an Academy Award, the wonderful “Okatpodi” is… Read more


I hate Lisa, but I love this short (Thanks, Ryan!)

Bastien Roger: Milk

Bastien Roger’s “Milk” is a surreal tale of identity, culture and confusion


Command+Z, produced by motion design students at Art Center College of Design

Bastiaan van Rooden: Border

Vancouver Film School student Bastiaan van Rooden put his character animation skills to the test in his short film, “Border,” which required Bastiaan to pump… Read more