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Pocull Loves Balls!


David Pocull’s fun tribute to balls!

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BLR – iDiots

BLR - iDiots

Big Lazy Robot finished another short with fantastic execution and a techo-age parable.

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TSB – The Story by Studio AKA

Studio AKA (London) tells the history behind the building of the TSB bank through this beautiful piece.

Combining the hand crafted artistry of 2D character animation within a stunningly integrated use of 3D CGI sets, the journey through time is reflected in the film’s opening shot; an unbroken take which lasts a whopping 95 seconds.

Check out¬†some of the process below. Plus, there’s a 2-part interview on¬†the D&AD website.


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Vh1 Classic: Metal Headzzz!

Created by Aaron Stewart with Tim Harrington, Metal Headzzz is a comedy short series animated by Mixtape Club with music and sound design from Huma Huma. Episode 3 literally made me LOL.

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Tumbleweed Tango

“A balloon dog is lost in a world of danger. One wrong step and his dancing days are done. Only love, and tango, can possibly save him.”

Sam Stephens and Christopher Mauch (Hyrda) co-directed this charming short about a pair of balloon animals in love. It’s one of those sweetly told tales that ticks along effortlessly, bringing you and your smile with it.

The audio is a huge component of this short. Joe Miuccio’s sound design pumps up the comedy while the original score from Michael Hewett and Matt Nakoa undulates and contorts as playfully as the main characters. Superb work.

Produced by Humble.

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Kaleb Lechowski: R’ha

“R’ha” ups the ante for solo writer/director/animators, proving that while the barrier to entry for solo animated filmmaking is lower than ever, expectations for production quality are rapidly rising.

Lechowski, 22, modeled most of the short’s assets in Blender and used Maya for shading, rigging, animation and most of the rendering (with Mental Ray). He leaned on¬†zBrush for sculpting and Nuke and AfterEffects for compositing.¬†Lechowski created “R’ha” during his first year studies at Germany’s¬†Berlin Mediadesign Hochschule.

Sound by Hartmut Zeller, voice acting by Dave Masterson.

Thanks to Thane for the tip!


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GOLEM – Tobias Wiesner

An amazing ambient, mood setting short from Tobias Wiesner.  Some eye catching visuals and subtle comping really bring this piece together.

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