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Onesize for SyFy

Onesize debuts a show package for SyFy’s new reality show “DreamMachines”. UPDATE: Very cool audio breakdown from Echolab.


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Adam Grabowski: 2011 SVA Motion Graphics Show Package

Adam Grabowski creates playful “animation machines” from ordinary household items for the 2011 Motion Graphics Showcase, at the School of Visual Arts.

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Prologue: 2009 MTV Movie Awards


Prologue has released a montage of their colorfully wacky package for the MTV Movie Awards, directed by Ilya Abulhanov (who also directed the recently posted OFFF 2009 titles).

The creators of the many awards show packages, including the MTV Music Video Awards and the last five Academy Awards shows, Prologue knows their way around a sealed envelope. Careful never to upstage the red carpet regulars who share the spotlight with their graphics packages, Prologue knows when to pull back‚ÄĒand when to shine.

As Prologue’s youngest creative director, Ilya brings a shoot-from-the-hip confidence that’s countered by crisp typography and well-composed shots. His palette is an unlikely mix of mustards, eggplants and oranges that works with the surreal vignettes and icon-headed figures that unify the package.

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