Zero Trailer

Check out this new trailer for a new stop motion short titled ‘Zero’ from Mr & Mrs Kezelos of Zealous Films! To find out more… Read more

Pelayo “CSI”

Circo Máximo directs this cute stop-motion gem for Pelayo insurance and ad agency dommo

Bang-yao Liu: Deadline

SCAD student Bang-yao Liu animates this clever senior project with Post-Its and lots of patience

Mighty Nice for SBS TWO

Australia / Sydney based Mighty Nice brings stop motion magic to SBS TWO’s launch. Lovely.

Takeuchi Taijin: Wolf and Pig

This wildly entertaining stop-motion project speaks for itself. It’s a testament to the potent combo of narrative and hard work. Big ups to Stephan Dube… Read more

Carlos Lascano for Al Balad

Carlos Lascano puts his distinctive style to work in these two commercials for Al Balad newspaper.


Foamsheep by Sodazot

The Lost Tribes of New York City

As someone who has an intense love-hate relationship with New York, this sweetly animated film from Andy and Carolyn London tugged hard on my heartstrings.… Read more

Patrick Boivin

Patrick Boivin’s latest stop-motion short—a comedic battle between Iron Man and Bruce Lee—burned up the interw3b as soon as it was released a few days… Read more

Atelier Transfert: Watch and Learn

One of animation’s greatest strengths is its ability to simplify complex systems for digestion by the widest possible audience. This is something Montreal based Atelier… Read more

Stefan Schomerus: Plywoodpirates

Here’s one thing I learned from school: Stop-motion animation is hard. Damned hard. Not only does it come with all the normal challenges of character… Read more