Matthias Hoegg: Thursday

Matthias Hoegg recently joined us to answer some questions about his short film, Thursday. It’s an everyday love story in the not so distant future,… Read more

Scan Processor Studies

Excerpt from Woody Vasulka & Brian O’Reilly’s “Scan Processor Studies” project

New AE Plugin: Youveelizer

Jerzy “Maltaannon” Drozda drops Youveelizer, an incredible new AE plugin for mapping textures to 3D footage

Amit Pitaru: Rhonda

Video of Amit Piatura’s 3D sketching software, Rhonda, is finally online. The potential for this thing is amazing. (Thanks again, Thiago!)

Trapcode Particular 2

Take a look at some of Trapcode Particular 2’s new features in this advert from All Bets Are Off (Aharon Rabinowitz and friends)

Going Nitro

Last week, you may have noticed some downtime here at Motionographer. I’m glad to say that those times are behind us, and we are now… Read more

Sixth Sense technology

Sixth Sense technology: projected interfaces, cloud computing and wearable technology merge. (Thanks for the tip, Jason!)

Wacom Intuos4

Wacom’s new Intuos4 looks pretty slick

Microsoft Sustainability

For those of you that have made it past the headline, congratulations: I now grant you access to the future! Working with Microsoft and director … Read more

3D Morphable Model Face

This 3D Morphable Model Face demo is amazing—don’t miss the automated matching sequence with Tom Hanks (Tip: Lu!)