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Noah’s Birds

“Birds of Noah” produced by LookFX.
Hat tip to Jordan Blit.

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New York Q&A with VFX Soldier

New York Q&A With VFX Soldier this Saturday, January 18 at SVA.
Daniel Khin Lay aka VFX Soldier will be in town to discuss efforts to curb VFX subsidies and the formation of ADAPT: The Association of Digital Artists, Professionals, and Technicians.

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Blur’s impressive VFX breakdown for Thor 2

Blur’s VFX breakdown for the prologue battle battle sequence in Thor 2 is worth a watch.

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Haynes “Beans”

This mock commercial is just too much fun not to share. I only wish real clients had the guts (pun intended) to fund this kind of work.

Cinesite created this project as a showcase for their artists. With superb comedic timing, lushly rendered animation and brilliant creature work, I’d say it’s a slam dunk. The short was written and directed by Animator Alvise Avati and produced by Animation Director Eamonn Butler.

Cinesite on the look development:

The look of the lunar environment is based on NASA film footage and actual lunar photography. Eamonn says, “At the start, the film is quite serious in tone and then it develops, becoming more dramatic as it progresses before ending on a surprise. To support this, the environment needed to be photo-realistic. We also wanted to push the animation and effects as far as we could to make the film as dramatic as possible before the payoff.

Tip o’ the hat to Todd Akita.


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Main Road Post: Stalingrad VFX Reel

Stalingrad is a Russian WWII drama directed by Fedor Bondarchuk. Main Road Post, headquartered in Moscow, is responsible for all the VFX work on this film.

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Samuel Blain: In Dreams

Samuel Blain’s graduation film “In Dreams” is a creepy catalogue of real people’s dreams.

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Superestudio: Nat Geo IDs

Superestudio uses practical effects, macro cinematography and CG effects to great effect in their latest IDs for Nat Geo.

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