Evian “Roller Babies”

Get ready to see this viral for Evian everywhere you turn. Making of and more info. (Thanks, Gabriel!)

Viz Effx Business Model

Viz Effx Business Model by Steve Hulett, TAG Local 839 IATSE

Tyson Ibele: 2009 Reel

Tyson Ibele releases his 2009 reel with some awesome CG animation and vfx. (Thanks Damien!)

Harrison Ellenshaw Interview

Nice interview with Harrison Ellenshaw who did the matte painting & visual effects on Tron. Pretty interesting in retrospect!

Gravity: Pelephone “Canons”

As a follow up to their previous spot for Israeli telecom company Pelephone, Gravity teamed up with director Eli Sverdlov on another spot full of charm… Read more

Stu Maschwitz

By now, most of you have probably heard that The Orphanage has suspended operations. (Co-founder Stu Maschwitz explains further on his blog.) This is as… Read more

Psyop: Coke “Heist”

For this weekend’s Super Bowl ad-o-rama, Psyop and Weiden+Kennedy Portland teamed up create another epic tale of longing for Coke. Like the 2007 “Happiness Factory,”… Read more

Tronic for Oracle

Tronic lends their elegance and sophistication to Oracle for two projects: CONNECT and TOUCH.

Gravity: Look What’s Inside

This mind-bending spot from Israeli studio Gravity has a campy, almost cartoonish quality that pumps heaps of fun into a technically challenging project. Some production… Read more

Saturn: Evolution of Technology

This vicious advert for German electronics retailer Saturn romps through an imagined evolutionary history of technology. The concept builds on agency Scholz & Friends Berlin’s… Read more

Wassup 08

Director Charles Stone nails this Obama-flavored reprise to his landmark Wassup campaign. VFX by MassMarket. Full credits here.