One Step Closer to PillVille!

After months of planning & development, we are finally ready to announce the launch of the first phase of the PillVille website. 

If you haven’t heard, PillVille is an animated TV show created by Motion Designers just like you.

We are using NFT technology to democratize access to the TV world and as a platform for a wider audience to get involved.

With a PillVille NFT, holders will share the profits from our three revenue streams: the NFT raising in price, royalties, and sales on the secondary markets.

We are very excited for you to be a part of the project, whether it’s investing in the development, giving creative input, or just watching the show.

Here are some fun facts about the project!

  • Our TV show will be one of the first animated dark comedy series to be produced in high-end 3D.
  • One of the few NFT projects to give royalties to holders and a share of secondary market sales.
  • The first NFT project with a toll-free number – answered in 6 languages by our international team.


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