Motion design education: MoGraph Mentor

My recent op-ed post, “6 Problems with Motion Design Education,” looked at challenges facing students and educators through the lens of brick-and-mortar design schools. But over the last 20… Read more

Best Tutorial Ever?

Wildly entertaining and incredibly practical, are these... the best tutorials ever?

Google: Todo a 1 Clic

Nico Chausovsky and Leo Campasso created this cute PSA warning of the dangers of sharing too much online (en español) for Google, and Red… Read more

Q&A: Dark Noir

Maybe there's an approach to crowdsourcing that isn't creatively repulsive or ethically bankrupt. Here's how Red Knuckles, Rafael Grampá and Absolut worked with a few… Read more

Antibody: Tom Clancy’s Division

Sydney-based Patrick Clair has made a name for himself pushing visual communication to the next level. His infographic dissecting the nature and ramifications of Stuxnet… Read more

Paying To Work For Free

Last week VFX Soldier exposed a scheme by Digital Domain to offer students at their taxpayer-subsidized university program the opportunity to work for free on… Read more

Work/Life: From the Comments

Carol Browne Our recent interview with Ash Thorp sparked an intense discussion here and elsewhere on the web that went well beyond Ash’s personal take… Read more

Memory Tapes’ “Yes I Know” by Najork

Memory Tapes’ “Yes I Know” from Najork on Vimeo. At first glance, a quiet, almost serene black and white video. Nevertheless, it’s packed with visual effects. Each image is carefully and… Read more