Don’t Box Yourself In: Four Reasons why Creative Exploration is Good for Your Career

1 week ago
Michael Tavarez

Director and Creative Director at Scholar studio, Michael Tavarez, tells us why having a ‘specialty’ isn’t the only way to…

6 Top Tips for Animating Optical Illusions

Optical illusions are like magic tricks waiting on the page. London-based animator and director Chris Cray talks us through the…

47 mins ago

WTF are NFTs? | A call for articles

This is an open call for articles about your experiences with NFTs and the Metaverse.

7 days ago

Our Top Ten Most Viewed Quickies of 2021

Whether your notepad is packed full of resolutions or you’re already back on the cakes and biscuits, there’s still one…

2 weeks ago

Carlos El Asmar’s Honorary Pick | TMA 2021

"‘Migrants’ was a graduation project for five students from PÔLE 3D in France. It encapsulated three subjects close to my…

1 month ago

How performance-driven animation and digi doubles are transforming video games.

COO and co-founder of DI4D, Douglas Green, discusses performance capture and digi doubles in the making of video games.

1 month ago

It’s official: The Motion Awards 2021 winners are out now!

For a year that’s gone by in a flash, we’ve managed to cram in an enormous amount of work, haven’t…

2 months ago

Studio Stories: 20 Years of Perception

Perception co-founders Jeremy Lasky and Danny Gonzalez talk us through their amazing journey, from knocking on doors to working on…

2 months ago

Hello from The Motion Awards

After months of preparation and deliberation, it’s time to announce our official nominees.

2 months ago

The Future is Fustic.

Our regular contributor, Ed Kevill-Davies, takes a deep dive into the work of Fustic. Studio and what makes them some…

2 months ago

Project Breakdown – Our Future Los Angeles

Zach Christy breaks down his popular Motionographer Quickie: Our Future Los Angeles.

2 months ago

Between The World and Me. The Art Direction process for the opening titles of an HBO special.

I would like to share my experience as Art Director for this project, beyond just the challenges of the process.…

3 months ago

Diversity in Character Design: 7 Steps to Designing a Convincing Persona

Character design is not just about drawing pretty pictures; it’s about creating life in all its shades and breathing it…

3 months ago

Seeing Without Sight

John Likens, from Method Studios, on pitching and creating the opening sequence for SEE Season Two.

3 months ago

Between the Keyframes

We sit down with Erin Sarofsky and Austin Shaw to chat about the motivations behind their new show and give…

3 months ago

Studio Stories: 15 years of Awesome INC

Things were vastly different in our industry fifteen years ago – many schools didn’t even offer Motion Design as a…

4 months ago

Intern to Art Director

“You’ll see that my progress didn’t come from just picking myself up by the bootstraps. It came with good timing,…

4 months ago

Studio Stories: 10 years of Flipbook

The origin of Motion Design studios, as told by their founders.

5 months ago

Getting into Character

Five Reasons Why Animated Characters are more Relatable than Humans.

5 months ago

Studio Stories: 3 years of Whojo

The origin of Motion Design studios, as told by their founders.

5 months ago

Project Breakdown with Guto Terni & Vinicius Costa

“Unbreakable” is a visual metaphor of the nontuberculous mycobacteria (NTM) experience. Based on actual NTM patient experiences, the film opens…

5 months ago

How to make an advert for something you love (without leaving the house)

The first thing I had to take into account was that I was doing this in my house, and I…

5 months ago

Project Breakdown with Bonnes Feuilles

1984 is particularly accurate nowadays; the description of a society based on generalized surveillance and collective hatred is particularly resonant…

5 months ago

Dash Studio: The Origin Story

Typically a trip to the City meant late nights, dollar pizza, and a few hangovers, but this time felt a…

6 months ago