Our passion is to uncover ‘unexpected inspiration’ and our mission is to share it with the world.

Since 2006, Motionographer® has established a global reputation for showcasing a remarkable standard of work, highlighting the elite talents in motion design, filmmaking, graphics, animation, visual effects and beyond. We have fast become a key resource for titans of the industry to hunt for emerging talent, scope for new trends, and ignite the next big idea. 

Our submissions platform is designed for our community to share its voice. Please note this is the only way we accept content, so feel free to email us, but you’ll just be directed back here.
We receive thousands of submissions each year, this system helps us respond as quickly and as efficiently as possible.

The three C’s of content creation

Before sending us your work, please review our three C’s of content creation. The more criteria you can satisfy the better the chances of your work being published.  

Carving new ground 

  • Is it innovative?
  • Does it push existing technology to new limits?
  • Has it been done before? If so, does it take the concept in a new direction or raise it to a new level of quality?
  • Does it challenge existing ideas?


  • Is it built on an interesting concept?
  • Is the subject matter interesting?
  • Does it create a lasting emotional impact?


  • Is it exceptionally well-crafted?
  • Does its production process merit attention for some reason?

The rules of engagement 

Please submit your work only once and do not resubmit the same piece if it has been rejected.
We guarantee every project will be reviewed by a member of the Motionographer team, but due to the large volume of submissions we receive, we regret, we are unable to respond to individual applications, provide feedback, or give confirmations of receipt.  

One final note:

If your work is not selected, please don’t be discouraged! Review the three C’s (our criteria for content creation), and get in touch with your next project. 

Before you do, be sure to check out some of our previously published content. The best way to understand the types of work we are looking for is to immerse yourself in the site. There is no substitute for market research.


Before Submission

Our system pulls information from the linked Vimeo or YouTube account.  

Please ensure:

  • It is sourced from the appropriate account
  • Credits are listed
  • You have proofread the description