Alan Watts, South Park Style

I’m an Alan Watts fanatic. I have listened to countless hours of his lectures, and I’ve read several of his books. There’s just something about… Read more

Solar – a Short film

Solar is a animated short created by Ian Wharton and Edward Shires. who recently graduated from Cumbria Institute of the Arts after receiving “best-of-show” for… Read more

Len Lye

Sorry for the lack of posts from me lately. I’m in the middle of a week-long road trip from Savannah to San Francisco, and it… Read more

Adobe CS3 Product Tours Redux

There’s always more to a project than meets the eye. I recently made a post about how motion graphics is used in product tours, with… Read more

BMW: Pursuit Across Europe

I’m posting BMW’s Pursuit Across Europe mainly for the stylized 3D cutscenes by Electric Umbrella, but honestly I dig the gameplay, too. I’m amazed at… Read more

Get the Glass

Excellent design, animation, interactivity and yes, motion graphics, come together in Get the Glass, an interactive board game from Swedish-based web studio North Kingdom (for… Read more

The (In)famous Craigslist Post

The text below was originally posted on Craigslist (and quickly removed by admins) in response to the ridiculous job offers there soliciting creative services for… Read more

Nike Meta7

Take a look at this awesome animation for, you guessed it, Nike Japan. Illustrator Paul Huang, creator of Nanospore, teamed up with animators Chris Riehl… Read more

Brand New School, Jeep

Brand New School is quickly becoming THE force to be reckoned with by continuing to pump out super-slick spots. The latest ad for Jeep, through… Read more

Anthony Furlong

Over the last year and a half, Anthony Furlong has worked professionally while finishing up a degree at The Art Center. Thanks to that experience… Read more

Kris Moyes, Expatriate and more

Kris Moyes’ latest video for Expatriate is a monochromatic playground of slow-mo fun. The piece is comprised of long, flowing black-and-white shots, each beautifully composed.… Read more

Moving On Up

I apologize for the blatantly non-mograph post, but I wanted to let everyone know that very soon Motionographer will have a new home. For the… Read more

Interview: Lobo Does Dupont

A series of mood boards (PDF) The whole set of mood boards in one go Animatic, showing influences from Maeda and Vasarely (QT 6) An… Read more

Robert Seidel “Futures”

A while back on Tween, I posted Robert Seidel’s experimental short, “_grau,” with a healthy does of praise attached. I’m happy to announce that Robert… Read more

Morsels from Tronic

In case you missed it, Tronic was recently profiled on Apple. Even though these these little PR-documentaries are full of requisite references to Apple hardware… Read more