Motion Theory for NYC Tourism

This new spot from Motion Theory designed to promote the The Big Apple has been making the rounds, but it’s with a little hesitation that… Read more

Echolab/Shilo for Lucozade Alert

Sound design and music composition studio Echolab teamed up with Shilo to create a high-impact spot for Lucozade Alert energy drink. In addition to the… Read more

Interview: Troika Design Group

Talk to enough seasoned west coast mographers and you’re bound to hear Troika come up in conversation more than once. In addition to fostering a… Read more

Supinfocom: Musicotherapie

A small band of crazily talented Supinfocom students has created an excellent new short, “Musicotherapie,” maintaining their school’s reputation as one of the best places… Read more


While browsing the link collection – I came to a long time favorite which I have not visited for quite some time – and to… Read more

Brickyard VFX: Sprint

I’ve gotten a few emails about the new “Sprint Ahead” campaign, but I’ve been a little slow to post it (for reasons I’ll explain later).… Read more

Shilo’s Scion Deviants

Shilo continues its blitz of new motion work with this spot done for ATTIK’s brand new campaign for Scion entitled “Little Deviant”. A very dark… Read more

Shilo’s Hidden Palms

Bicoastal design shop Shilo just released a brand new title sequence for CW’s teeny drama entitled, Hidden Palms. The intro is well shot and full… Read more

Interview: Quayola

Quayola at MUV festival in Florence, Italy. Watch Architectural Density Watch Path to Abstraction – Live A/V show Rome – S. Agnese Lambda Print –… Read more

A Horse’s Ass Can Ruin Everything

Felipe Vellasco and Pedro Gravena created this whimsical stop-motion piece for Brazilian logistics company Luft to explain how one design decision can create a design… Read more

Adobe CS3 Product Tours Redux

There’s always more to a project than meets the eye. I recently made a post about how motion graphics is used in product tours, with… Read more

An Interview with nailgun*

MOV nailgun*’s latest reel JPG Pitch boards for the Academy Awards PDF The process behind the Benjamin Franklin spot for Spike TV’s Men of Action… Read more

The Unsung Art of Screenwashes

About a month before Inspire, we realized we needed something on the screens between presentations and during introductions. “Yeah, like one of those looped animation… Read more

Neil Blomkamp: Tempbot

South African director Neil Blomkamp (Spy Entertainment) has made his latest film, “Tempbot,” available online. It’s an entertaining short about life as a robotic temp… Read more

Final Schedule for Inspire 07

Just got the final schedule for Inspire 07, this time with some details about the sessions. Man, even if I wasn’t helping organize this thing,… Read more

Perception: More Than Meets the Eye

One of Perception’s early concepts Playing with 3D space Another early concept using scale to create visual interest Animation test, experimenting with pacing and camera… Read more

Rekindling La Flama

La Flama (a.k.a. Luis Torres, who used to go by Flameboy) is a well-known motion designer and art director in Mexico City who’s worked all… Read more


This short film, entitled WOFL, by David O’Reilly is fantastic. I love the animation of the little wolf thing. I can’t quite explain it, but… Read more

Impactist: New Work

Impactist (on Hornet’s roster) has recently completed some new work, including a beautiful spot for Peace Corps. The spot has a wonderful texture and pace… Read more

Non-Native Species / PikaPika

Stardust: Non-Native Species Promoting California Cleanup Day, Stardust was recetly called upon to produced a :30 spot entitled “Non-Native Species”. The character CigEgret makes it’s… Read more