Soy Tu Aire

This used to be a quickie, but I feel it touches on something that is important for this industry. One of the biggest talking points… Read more

What’s In the Box?

“What in the Box?” is the extremely ambitious “test film” created by a Dutch students Tim Smit and Thibaut Niels that’s been heating up YouTube—and… Read more

Digup interviews Santa Maria

The precocious Santa Maria talks about their collaborative and creative process in this interview for

Dvein: F5 Titles

Dvein has consistently blown my mind with their diverse and staggeringly awesome body of work. When they agreed to create the title sequence for F5,… Read more

Thank You

It’s been a week since F5, and our heads are still spinning. By all accounts, it was a smashing success. It’s hard for us to… Read more

Scrabble: The Beautiful Word

It’s so refreshing when companies go against the norm, and Scrabble / Mattel certainly did that. In fact they did that and a bag of… Read more

Sprint Now Network: Anthem

I love it when everything falls into place, when the hot potato is passed elegantly from hand to hand along the creative chain. When it… Read more

NYC ACM SIGGRAPH’s Industry Spotlight VII

Don’t miss NYC ACM SIGGRAPH’s Seventh Annual “Industry Spotlight” this Wednesday, April 1. Some of the top animation and post-production facilities in the NYC-metropolitan area, including Curious Pictures, The… Read more

Patrick Boivin

Patrick Boivin’s latest stop-motion short—a comedic battle between Iron Man and Bruce Lee—burned up the interw3b as soon as it was released a few days… Read more

Atelier Transfert: Watch and Learn

One of animation’s greatest strengths is its ability to simplify complex systems for digestion by the widest possible audience. This is something Montreal based Atelier… Read more

Mainframe Rebrand Nickelodeon

London based Mainframe recently showed what they are capable of with an epic rebranding of Nickelodeon. Unusually for Nick, they let the design take the… Read more

Microsoft Sustainability

For those of you that have made it past the headline, congratulations: I now grant you access to the future! Working with Microsoft and director … Read more

yU+Co: The Watchmen Titles

NOTE: This title sequence was removed at the request of Warner Bros. I will never understand Hollywood’s approach to free publicity. Persistent souls will still… Read more

Psyop’s Inferno

“The Divine Comedy,” written by Dante Alighieri in the 14th century, is an allegorical vision of the christian afterlife, depicting a journey through the three… Read more

Dante’s Inferno Trailer

[qt: 786 589] Storyboards and Development Check out the storyboards and some making-of imagery behind this epic project. Interview The following is an interview with… Read more

Brian Alvarez

The blogfolio of Brian Alvarez, recent vfx/motion design graduate from SCAD