The Crisis of Credit Visualized

“Oh great, here comes Old Man Cone again, rambling about visual essays.” I know, I know, but I really do believe that when motion design… Read more

Interview: Superfad Uncensored

[qt: 786 443] A Little Pillow Talk with Superfad What follows is an intimate interview between Superfad and Motionographer’s Lauren Indovina (with input from the… Read more

Hemlock by Tyson Ibele

Recently, Tyson Ibele emailed me about his new film ‘Hemlock’ for CG Society’s Steampunk Myths and Legends 3D challenge. I thought it was amazing and… Read more

Poll: Shepard Fairey

Over in the Quickies, I recently tossed up an interview with Milton Glaser regarding the work of Shepard Fairey, and it sparked some heated discussion.… Read more

Ghost Robot: “Bonnaroo Line-Up”

Waaay back in July 2008, we posted a Quickie on Javan Ivey’s beautiful “My Paper Mind” video, produced using a self-devised method called “Stratastencil” (inspired… Read more

Gabriel Gareso

Gabriel Gareso’s story is one worth sharing, if only to encourage those of you out there who are looking for a push into the wonderful… Read more

Get Yo KLOWWWN : Asif Mian

This raw lo-fi offering from Asif Mian, gives us a break from the commercial world for a brief moment so that we might be either… Read more

Peugeot 3008 vs Zamak

The french team of directors Stéphane Leloutre & Tim Miltat worked with the 3D shop Sabotage Studio in Paris to bring the characters of Olivier… Read more

The Marmaduke Duke: Kid Gloves

Transistor Studios presents talking animals and ominous comps in this new music video for The Marmaduke Duke. Produced by Strange Beast.

Laikabase holt auf

Berlin’s Laikabase does a good deed for One.

Robert Seidel’s new work

Robert Seidel is one of my personal favorites in this industry. He utilizes the same tools that we are all accustomed to in order to… Read more

Reality Check: The Economy

Photo by Nature Explorer If you turn on your television or glance at a newspaper, you’re bound to come across the words “economic crisis,” “recession,”… Read more

Selling Space: Architectural Filmmaking

Tronic recently created this new promotional film for 56 Leonard Street, a yet-to-be completed residential building in Manhattan designed by international rock stars of high-profile… Read more