Must Drink More Milk [Credits]

Title of spot(s): Cell Phone Charms Client: BC Dairy Foundation PRODUCTION COMPANY Production Company/City/State: Bent Image Lab, Portland, OR Supervising Director: Rob Shaw Director: Jun… Read more

Cheeky PSA’s for AIDES

TBWA and London based studio, Minivegas bring you these two amazing psa’s for aids awareness. These are the types of projects that I dreamed of… Read more

SFW: Diesel XXX

I posted this up as a quickie yesterday, but it has gotten such an amazing response that we have decided to let it bask in… Read more

David O’Reilly: Octocat Adventure 5

During last weekend’s PictoplasmaNYC event, David O’Reilly revealed that he is, in fact, the force behind the Octocat Adventures created by Randy Peters, a fictional… Read more

Only Say Yes When It’s Yes

As the President of The Ashy Agency and Chairman of the Board of Governors for the Broadcast Design Association (BDA), Brett Ashy has worked with… Read more

Is It Really All Stop-Motion?

Watch “Building” | Watch “Contents” | Watch “Motor” When I first watched these three commercials by Australian director Liz Murphy and TAXI for RAC Insurance,… Read more

Sixty40 look Smart for Kmart

A couple of weeks ago, back in the dark days of Motionographer 1.0 we posted Sydney based Sixty40’s showreel as a quickie. In amongst their… Read more

Old School Comments Are Back

You guys were right, and I was wrong: Old school comments are better than my fancy forum-post-as-comment idea, so I decided to swallow my pride… Read more

Sehsucht: Head and Shoulders

Clever writing and subtle motion graphics combine in this memorable campaign for Head and Shoulders. Although they’re certainly capable of high-end wizardry, Hamburg-based Sehsucht pulled… Read more

Coca-Cola “Unity”

W+K Portland tapped the prodigious powers of Smith&Foulkes (Nexus Productions) for this lively Coke spot starring Yao Ming and LeBron James. It’s a battle royale… Read more

I Met the Walrus

I’m so glad there’s an official version of Jerry Levitan and Josh Raskin’s Oscar-nominated short, “I Met the Walrus,” online now. If you haven’t heard… Read more

Real-Time Motion Graphics: GRID

My advice for the future: Play more video games. Reader Joe Walker recently pointed out the slick in-game menus and motion graphics in Codemasters GRID,… Read more

On the Radar with Sehsucht

Part of Sehsucht’s Hamburg studio Plan of attack for “Black Poem” Plan of attack for “Black Poem” A peek inside some C4D files for “Oil”… Read more

Psyop: HP Maestro

This new advert for HP’s TouchSmart PC from Psyop is full of verve and sophistication. Instead of aiming for photo-realistic CG, agency Goodby, Silverstein &… Read more

Chatting with The Action Cats

“The Experiment” by The Action Cats Storyboards for “The Experiment” Animatic for “The Experiment” Stop-motion experiments and source footage Back in April, when Adobe and… Read more