[Review] Frank

Editor’s note: Like all our reviews, this is one is uncompensated and written purely out of curiosity about a new service that might be useful… Read more

iPad Light Painting

Berg London creates an experimental light painting video using an iPad (via Invisible Creature)

Daniel Schmidt

 Daniel Schmidt – designer, (art) director after 5 years at Sehsucht, now available for freelance.

Moustache: “Softwar”

Paris based studio, Moustache, delivers a CG data visualization piece to illustrate the 2010 US military budget, in Softwar.

Prologue: Iron Man 2

To see the full collection of work Prologue created for Iron Man 2, head over to Prologue’s site. For those of you who’ve seen Iron… Read more

Pixels by Patrick Jean

Wow, tons of you have just sent this in, and it’s appearing everywhere on the internet this morning. And no wonder! Patrick Jean’s new film… Read more

Freelance Standards of Practice

At some point in their careers, freelancers have probably asked themselves perfectly reasonable questions like, “How did a 10-hour day become standard?” And “Why are… Read more

Dear Sesame St.

Dear Sesame Street,  We, the undersigned, would like to register our concern over the contest you are now conducting with Aniboom. We are concerned that… Read more

Ben & Julia: Dove Nets

Updated with Q&A A couple of weeks ago I posted a music video by Ben & Julia for The Main Drag‘s song ‘Dove Nets’. Ben… Read more

Ben & Julia: Dove Nets

Quirky labour-intensive piece by Ben & Julia for The Main Drag‘s song ‘Dove Nets’ More info and credit list on the official site here.