Old School Comments Are Back

You guys were right, and I was wrong: Old school comments are better than my fancy forum-post-as-comment idea, so I decided to swallow my pride… Read more

XYZ Studios: Australian Grown

Commissioned by agency Cummins Nitro, Australia’s XYZ Studios created this stunning new :30 spot for “Australian Grown” to introduce their new logo and kick off… Read more

Digital Domain for Mazda

Digital Domain’s full gamut of skills are on display in their latest work for Mazda. The advert is nearly 100% CG, from the cityscape to… Read more

Psyop/Stink: Adidas “Zheng Zhi”

As a follow up to “Together,” Psyop and Stink created “Zheng Zhi” for Adidas. Like it’s predecessor, “Zheng Zhi” uses crowds of hand-drawn people to… Read more

Sony vs. Kozyndan Update

Background For those of you who’ve missed the drama, I’ll try to bring you up to date. Last week, we posted the latest spot in… Read more

Trollback + Co: Hippies

I love that headline. If you know anything about Trollbäck + Co’s modernist portfolio, you know they are anything but hippies. That’s why creating this… Read more

An Interview with nailgun*

MOV nailgun*’s latest reel JPG Pitch boards for the Academy Awards PDF The process behind the Benjamin Franklin spot for Spike TV’s Men of Action… Read more

Inspire 07: The Aftermath

Thank you all so much for the kind emails asking about Inspire 07. From my perspective, it went really well, especially for our first time… Read more

Perception: More Than Meets the Eye

One of Perception’s early concepts Playing with 3D space Another early concept using scale to create visual interest Animation test, experimenting with pacing and camera… Read more

Stepping Back

[Warning: There are no links to exciting new projects in the following post.] As usual, when I’m between quarters (or between massive projects), I get… Read more

Zero 7 video by click3x

If we are talking about design, I’d have to say that this video exemplifies two of the best little pieces of advice when it comes… Read more

Adam Gault…

I just happened to pull up Adams site out of curiosity today and was reminded how mind blowing Adams talents are. We all know him… Read more