Adam Gault’s new reel

Gault just put up a fresh and moody new reel. A lot of very nice work cut to the lingeringly slow pace of his chosen… Read more

Smith & Foulkes for PLATFORM

One of my favorite animation/direction duos, Smith & Foulkes (of Nexus Productions), has decided to jump on the stop-motion bandwagon in this title sequence for… Read more

Exopolis: Turner Classic Movies

Exopolis created an interesting painterly 3D world for a new TCM promo. The promo is actually a revisioning of an Edward Hopper inspired promo that… Read more

Shilo’s Hidden Palms

Bicoastal design shop Shilo just released a brand new title sequence for CW’s teeny drama entitled, Hidden Palms. The intro is well shot and full… Read more

Interview: Quayola

Quayola at MUV festival in Florence, Italy. Watch Architectural Density Watch Path to Abstraction – Live A/V show Rome – S. Agnese Lambda Print –… Read more

Punga does Zune

Creative collective Punga just added to the extensive list of art works for the Zune-arts project that was created and directed by 72andSunny. Their animation… Read more

Simon Robson: “Taking Liberties”

This is what I’m talking about. Or rather, what I already talked about at Offf Barcelona. Simon Robson (Nexus Productions) has created four brilliant animated… Read more

Eli Guerron is Osito

Eli Guerron’s montage is more technical than most of the work we post on Motionographer, but it’s wicked polished and infused with a solid design… Read more

Stardust for Paulig Presidentti

It’s been a while since we’ve posted work by Stardust, and I’ve missed their polished style. Their triumphant return to Motionographer’s humble spotlight is with… Read more

Work from Keetra

Keetra Dixon is not your usual designer. Her site shows her wide spectrum of work, from typical motion boards she did when she was an… Read more

Volumeone: Meridians

Matt Owens of Volumeone,Athletics and the RIveria has updated his personal experimental project Seasons with a new piece called Meridians: incorporating both print and video… Read more

Hot Girls in Space

“Hot Girls in Space” is the newest work from National Television done for G4. The spots are great, fun and designed quite nicely. Not to… Read more

Transistor Studios for ESPN

Transistor Studio’s James Price has the incredibly useful talent of being able to adapt his vision to the needs of the client. The result is… Read more

An Interview with nailgun*

MOV nailgun*’s latest reel JPG Pitch boards for the Academy Awards PDF The process behind the Benjamin Franklin spot for Spike TV’s Men of Action… Read more

Just a Friendly Reminder

Just want to remind everybody of a few ground rules that have always been in place at Motionographer. Most of this stuff is on the… Read more

Paris is burning

Paris is on fire again (the city, not the socialite whore). Every time I turn around there’s another hot track or remix or…. girl and… Read more