The PSST! 2 films are now online. There are nine films, made over a 4 month stretch by 27 different teams with over 70 people… Read more

Lambo: New Site, New Reel

Lambo launched a new site with a strong new reel. Is it just me or does this reel feel much more mature and marketable than… Read more

Say What Again

SCAD student Jarratt Moody is in Time-based Typography I here at SCAD (a course for which I’m currently the teaching assistant), and he recently finished… Read more

Inspire 07: The Aftermath

Thank you all so much for the kind emails asking about Inspire 07. From my perspective, it went really well, especially for our first time… Read more

Silent City Now Online

Back in November, we posted the trailer and a shot breakdown of Ruairi Robinson’s short film, “Silent City.” Well, the whole film is online now… Read more

Dstrukt Updates

There’s some fun new work over at Dstrukt. I can’t wait to see his contribution to Psst! Pass It On 2. Thanks, James!

Neil Blomkamp: Tempbot

South African director Neil Blomkamp (Spy Entertainment) has made his latest film, “Tempbot,” available online. It’s an entertaining short about life as a robotic temp… Read more

The (In)famous Craigslist Post

The text below was originally posted on Craigslist (and quickly removed by admins) in response to the ridiculous job offers there soliciting creative services for… Read more

Trollback’s Joe Wright for Infiniti

Director Joe Wright of Tröllback + Co. recently finished “Swell,” a gorgeous water-themed spot for Infiniti. Like the rest of Joe’s work, “Swell” is dead… Read more

Brand New School, Jeep

Brand New School is quickly becoming THE force to be reckoned with by continuing to pump out super-slick spots. The latest ad for Jeep, through… Read more

1st Ave Machine: “TED”

Well, that settles it. 1st Ave Machine are the masters of creating creepy but believable CG lifeforms. Their newest project, a music video for Warp… Read more

Forget the Film, Watch The Titles!

Here’s a project definitely worth checking out. From Remco, the editor of SubmarineChannel: The project is called ‘Forget The Film, Watch The Titles!’. It’s a… Read more

Felipe Posada is Luscious

Felipe Posada recently released his work into the wild via Luscious. A former AD for Stardust, Felipe has a knack for full-bodied compositions buoyed by… Read more

Simon Robson for Adidas

At the risk of sounding like I’m talking about a daring new album from my favorite band, this new Adidas spot from Simon Robson (Nexus… Read more


Greg C. pointed me towards the work of designer Kim Dulaney earlier today; her storyboards and illustrations are to kill for. Beautifully hand-created, each project… Read more

Spread some holiday cheer

Not really a post about motion graphics (although there is some, nothing to talk about), this is just a fun and silly way to spread… Read more

Brooklyn Digital Foundry Helps out OMA

I’ve always loved the field of architectural visualization. Traditionally, archviz has been dominated by static 2D and 3D representations of proposed structures, but it’s increasingly… Read more