Psyop: Guinness “Dot”

Beautiful transitions and lush compositions make this Guinness spot from Psyop worthy of repeat viewing. As with much of Psyop’s work, this spot also uses… Read more

Psyop: Adidas “Together”

I know Motionographer seems like a Psyop love-fest sometimes, but when one studio creates so much diverse, beautiful, intelligent work, they’re going to get a… Read more

I Was a Layer Tennis Competitor.

Last Friday I took part in the first Layer Tennis match done in After Effects. My opponent was Jason Koxvold, who I had previously collaborated… Read more

EyeballNYC: Microsoft Sync

EyeballNYC recently finished a print and broadcast campaign for Microsoft Sync, a new voice-activated technology available in some new American cars. The series includes three… Read more

Psyop for Orangina

Psyop’s Todd Mueller and Kylie Matulick (who brought us Coke “Happiness Factory”) directed an oddly steamy spot for the bubbly French beverage Orangina. It’s only… Read more

Superfad’s badass PS3 spot

Superfad just dropped this….umm super rad spot for Playstation 3. Really solid 3d work. Makes me want to break something. I had a chance to… Read more

A New Model: Hooray or Nay?

I got an email recently from The Radar Festival about a new initiative they’ve launched. Here’s the gist of it straight from the horse’s mouth:… Read more

Sony vs. Kozyndan Update

Background For those of you who’ve missed the drama, I’ll try to bring you up to date. Last week, we posted the latest spot in… Read more

Optimus for Boards Magazine

Optimus in Chicago whipped up this piece for the Boards Magazine’s opening sponsor reel for their conference in August. They were able to take a… Read more

Play-Doh Passion

The new Bravia spot for Sony by Passion Pictures is online now and is just wonderful. They used 40 stop-motion animators in New York City… Read more

nailgun* for Universal

nailgun* recently posted a redesign for multi-national network Universal. (Yes, that Universal.) It’s a beautiful set of semi-narrative vignettes all viewed through a stylish, sleek… Read more

Nervo Updates

Nando Costa’s new venture, Nervo, has been busy. Nando is one of those pioneering souls who long ago established himself as a distinctive voice. In… Read more

The Kingdom Main Titles

The movie’s getting lukewarm reviews, but the opening credits for The Kingdom function as an effective prologue to the film. I hate to beat a… Read more

Method for Halo 3

By now you’ve probably all seen Method’s amazing job on the latest Halo 3 spot. It’s getting pretty heavy airplay, and Method’s work stands up… Read more


Mokme is the site of NYC based freelance animating extraordinare Carl Mok. Mok has had lead roles in some fantastic projects that have been produced… Read more

Thorbjorn Ankerstjerne: Pflum Form

With his project Pflum Form, Thorbjørn Ankerstjerne mixes one part installation art with one part design to create a unique mechanism for creating live visuals.… Read more

Beauty of the Beast

Amazing updated site and work by Christopher Lee, aka The Beast is Back, a designer at Buck and oneheckofa great illustrator to boot. He’s got… Read more