Psyop: “Whole New World”

In Whole New World, Psyop takes a deep sea plunge into a water world full of unusual and exotic inhabitants for AT&T’s “Rethink Possible” campaign.… Read more

Adobe CS5 event in April

Adobe’s announcing the details of CS5 on April 12. Sign up for the online launch event.

Bob Nelson on Joining Eyeball

With 25 years of ad industry experience under his belt, Bob Nelson recently joined New York City-based design studio Eyeball as President. Given his ties… Read more

Dear Sesame St.

Dear Sesame Street,  We, the undersigned, would like to register our concern over the contest you are now conducting with Aniboom. We are concerned that… Read more

Questioning the Freelance Dilemma

A recent article at Animation World Network has stirred up many passionate comments from freelance visual effects artists in the industry as well as a… Read more

Wizard Smoke

Wizard Smoke by Salazar, beautiful!

Weareseventeen: Must See Movies

This one nearly slipped our radar, but we’re glad it didn’t. Also checkout Weareseventeen’s new site, launched this summer. ‘Awesome times’ section features their self-initiated… Read more

Board Summit: Day 2 Round-Up

As we all recover from the Boards Summit, here’s a recap of some notable items from Day 2. The morning session, Business as Unusual, was… Read more

Tata Docomo’s Cat

It isn’t often that we see purely graphic animations like these spots for Tata Docomo, part of a new branding effort by Wolff Olins for… Read more

Flash on the Beach Main Title 2009

The 2009’s Flash on The Beach Main title, created by directorial duo Garth and Ginny, almost slipped our radar, and were glad it didn’t.

Psyop: In-Depth with Tony Barbieri

This interview with Technical Director and Project Lead Tony Barbieri is part of a three-part series that goes deep behind the scenes with Psyop regarding their… Read more

Mass Animation: A Guest Rebuttal

Back in July, I scribbled out a diatribe against Mass Animation, a Facebook-supported competition to create a CG short film by crowd-sourcing the animation to… Read more

Interview: Karin Fong

Forget the Film, Watch the Titles interviews Karin Fong about her recent main title and the making of “machine vision” for Terminator Salvation, her animated… Read more

Mass Animation = Mass Exploitation?

When Mass Animation announced their goal of creating a CG short film by “crowd-sourcing” the animation to a global community of thousands of animators, I… Read more

F5 VIP Pre-Party

We’ve firmed up our plans for the F5 VIP pre-party on the evening of April 15th, and it’s going to be hot. I don’t want… Read more