Justin Harder: Lobstermen

“There is a legend where fisherman are not merely fishermen. They are LOBSTERMEN!” So begins the latest project directed by Justin Harder, who’s on the… Read more

The Aliens are Coming

Remember when motion graphics were fun? Remember when it was just you and a couple of friends screaming and playing your music and somehow making… Read more

Behold, Lindsey Mayer-Beug

In our industry we become so used to the same old adobe centered artwork that we begin to forget that there are other mediums out… Read more

Sweeney Todd Opening Titles

The good people at SumarineChannel are hosting the Sweeney Todd titles. They’ve also put up an interview (on the left-hand side of the page) with… Read more

Lobo Updates

Lobo has updated their site with new work, including a self-produced monograph, “Silkmag,” featuring non-commercial work. It’s interesting to see how Lobo’s work has changed… Read more

Lobo for Zune

Now I know this isn’t the first Zune related post we’ve made here at Motionographer towers, far from it. But before you groan, close your… Read more

Buck. Fuel TV. Rad.

Check out these gnarly new IDs that Buck lovingly crafted for Fuel TV. “Below Deck” is a flourescent homage to early skateboard deck graphics with… Read more

Psyop: Guinness “Dot”

Beautiful transitions and lush compositions make this Guinness spot from Psyop worthy of repeat viewing. As with much of Psyop’s work, this spot also uses… Read more

Vietnam VFX Capitulates

Yesterday, I posted a Quickie that exposed one of the most blatant rip-offs I’ve seen in recent years. The site being ripped was this one,… Read more

Ro Rao for Zune Arts

Curious Pictures’ Ro Rao adds this cute narrative short to the hugely entertaining Zune Arts collection made possible by Microsoft and those cunning curators at… Read more

JibJab “In 2007”

JibJab’s pop-culture pugilism needs no introduction. They were one of the early pioneers of internet virals, and after years in the game they’ve remained true… Read more

Psyop: Adidas “Together”

I know Motionographer seems like a Psyop love-fest sometimes, but when one studio creates so much diverse, beautiful, intelligent work, they’re going to get a… Read more

Saul Bass: Why Man Creates

You’ve probably already seen Saul Bass’ 1968 “Why Man Creates”, but it’s one of those little gems that deserves annual viewing. Sadly, only a five-minute… Read more

Blur Does Marvel

Blur does many things well, but high-end cinematic CG has always been their hallmark. They’ve put those powers to use recently for a series of… Read more

o2 “Weihnachtszauber”

Really interesting new spot from Mato Atom for o2 Germany. Its called “Weihnachtszauber” or “Christmas-Magic”. It was designed and directed by Mato with animation and… Read more

Lindsay Daniels

Lindsay Daniels recently launched her personal site, featuring a moody reel brimming with her sophisticated style. Her work—particularly her typography—has a timeless, classic quality to… Read more