A fantastic look at a day in the life of a valiant and daring lady bug as he goes about seeking thrills at the expense… Read more

Digital Kitchen: Sundance 07

Digital Kitchen recently created a lushly mechanical (I think that’s the first time I’ve ever combined those words together) bumper-type-thing that played before every movie… Read more

1st Ave Machine: “TED”

Well, that settles it. 1st Ave Machine are the masters of creating creepy but believable CG lifeforms. Their newest project, a music video for Warp… Read more

Marcelo Garcia: IX Virtuosi

Ex-Lobo member Marcelo Garcia recently finished up a design campaign for the IX Virtuosi music festival in Brazil. The project included posters, ads, logotype and… Read more

Move over Cee-Lo

I recently saw a new music video on the latest edition of Stash for the hip-hop group Subtle, directed by the uber-talented SSSR of passion… Read more

Forget the Film, Watch The Titles!

Here’s a project definitely worth checking out. From Remco, the editor of SubmarineChannel: The project is called ‘Forget The Film, Watch The Titles!’. It’s a… Read more

I Met The Walrus

In 1969, Jerry Levitan snuck his way into John Lennon’s hotel room for a brief but wonderfully candid interview. Over 30 years later, Jerry teamed… Read more

JJ & Maithy

While perusing mograph today I stumbled upon updates on both JJ and Maithy’s part… however, seperate! Upon investigation of Hornets site, Maithy is no longer… Read more

“New” iTunes Ads

Apple has posted a couple new spots in the iTunes campaign. In light of the Exopolis Nano spot and the Brand New School Shuffle spot… Read more

I’m back, slightly altered

My apologies for this administrative posting, but I wanted to let everyone know I’m back from my month long holiday. Unfortunately, while I was in… Read more

Three legged legs, kickin

It’s a good day when the dudes at Three legged email you to say that they have some new work to show. General Electric enters… Read more


Mr. Todd Sines (+ SCALE) tipped us off to the excellent work of Hush. The showreel is packed with polish and the Nike work is… Read more

Kris Moyes, Expatriate and more

Kris Moyes’ latest video for Expatriate is a monochromatic playground of slow-mo fun. The piece is comprised of long, flowing black-and-white shots, each beautifully composed.… Read more