Territory Studio Talk

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Creative Parents, Creative Kids

In collaboration with reader Joe Linton, we conducted an informal survey in May asking parents about the role that creativity played in their parenting. We… Read more

Motion design education: MoGraph Mentor

My recent op-ed post, “6 Problems with Motion Design Education,” looked at challenges facing students and educators through the lens of brick-and-mortar design schools. But over the last 20… Read more

Get Your Shit Together

I’ll admit it. I’m a voyeur: Every chance I get, I ogle other people’s After Effects project files.   What I find just as fascinating as the… Read more


The First Faux Fifteen is on! Talking Animals (B) X Andreas Nicolas Fischer (B) X tokyoplastic (UK). LEAP, Berlin, March 17th, 8pm.

Motion Design: 10 Second Survey

Lilian Darmono, Lola Landekic, Victoria Nece and Bran Dougherty-Johnson have put together a quick (10 seconds or less) survey to get a basic sense of… Read more