Wassup 08

Director Charles Stone nails this Obama-flavored reprise to his landmark Wassup campaign. VFX by MassMarket. Full credits here.

Psyop for Smith & Nephew

Psyop has dropped a painterly new spot for Smith & Nephews (viewable in HD on Vimeo). Directed by Eben Mears and Mate Steinforth, who’s sharing… Read more

Maxon Announces Cinema 4D R11

Maxon announced features of its upcoming Cinema 4D R11 release at SIGGRAPH yesterday. Here are some juicy bits from the press release: CINEMA 4D R11… Read more

Freelancing 101: Understanding Holds

In this first installment of Freelancing 101, David Schwarz of Brooklyn-based Hush (Motionographer posts) explains how “holds” work: A “hold” means an employer has the… Read more

Sixty40 look Smart for Kmart

A couple of weeks ago, back in the dark days of Motionographer 1.0 we posted Sydney based Sixty40’s showreel as a quickie. In amongst their… Read more

ANNY: Ukiyo-e

QuickTime Version I’m always curious about Japanese motion graphics studios. I know so little about how Asian studios in general are set up, and yet… Read more

Real-Time Motion Graphics: GRID

My advice for the future: Play more video games. Reader Joe Walker recently pointed out the slick in-game menus and motion graphics in Codemasters GRID,… Read more

Birdo: Resfest 10

Brazilian animation studio Birdo put their prodigious talents to use in this quirky opener for the Brazil installment of Resfest 10. Says Paulo Muppet of… Read more

Superfad: Sprint

Superfad posted a couple new spots for Sprint that fall neatly into my category of “visual essays.” Employing a style that’s reminiscent of the data… Read more

Trembled Blossoms

Starring a denuded Eve-like figure, Trembled Blossoms is another attempt for a high-end fashion company to capture the power of moving pixels. I’m not sure… Read more

FIFA Street 3 Viral

Damn it, I hate when something is so obviously a viral and yet still entertaining enough to watch over and over. Anyone have any idea… Read more