Mixtape Club for My Morning Jacket

Mixtape Club has been happily toiling away in their new home at Hornet. Last month, they released some character-based motion and print work for Nike/Foot… Read more

Only Say Yes When It’s Yes

As the President of The Ashy Agency and Chairman of the Board of Governors for the Broadcast Design Association (BDA), Brett Ashy has worked with… Read more

Heebok Lee updates

Heebok Lee recently updated his site with some stunning work that very much proves how much he deserves Cream O’ Crop status. He is currently… Read more

Axel Rudolph: Knowledge

[Updated with subtitles] For his final year project at Berufsakademie Ravensburg in Germany, Axel Rudolph created “Knowledge,” a proof-of-concept video for his vision of what… Read more

Burbuja – Who Knows

This enchanting little music video was created by the Spanish branch of Garage Films. I really dig the asthetics, reminds me of a cross between… Read more

Britain from Above

Some amazing imagery for the BBC TV series, Britain from Above. (Thanks Mike)

Freelancing 101: Understanding Holds

In this first installment of Freelancing 101, David Schwarz of Brooklyn-based Hush (Motionographer posts) explains how “holds” work: A “hold” means an employer has the… Read more

Sixty40 look Smart for Kmart

A couple of weeks ago, back in the dark days of Motionographer 1.0 we posted Sydney based Sixty40’s showreel as a quickie. In amongst their… Read more

Motion Theory Grows for VAIO

Motion Theory (dir. Grady Hall) continues to refine their sophisticated sensibilities with “Vines“, “Fly Trap” and “Breeze” for Sony VAIO. The simple concept from 180LA,… Read more

Trailer Thrash

First and foremost, kudos to Justin for running this amazing website and acting as the provider to all of us in the motion world, no… Read more

Welcome to Motionographer 2.0

Welcome to Motionographer’s refreshed look. There’s still plenty of work to be done, but it’s time we went ahead and pushed this baby out. Some… Read more

Advanced Beauty Podcast

Advanced Beauty is now available as a weekly podcast (link will open in iTunes). We’ve been following Advanced Beauty with great enthusiasm here on Motionographer… Read more

Cisma: Handmade

Although it was completed nearly two years ago, Cisma can now release his lyrical short film, “Handmade,” into the wild of the interw3b. It was… Read more

I Met the Walrus

I’m so glad there’s an official version of Jerry Levitan and Josh Raskin’s Oscar-nominated short, “I Met the Walrus,” online now. If you haven’t heard… Read more