RGB6/Nexus London: “The Game”

RBG6 (of Nexus London) created an advert for Honda that re-imagines the famous Tron light-cycle scene with Civics. Brings me right back to my childhood… Read more


This short film, entitled WOFL, by David O’Reilly is fantastic. I love the animation of the little wolf thing. I can’t quite explain it, but… Read more

Loyalkaspar + Jakob Strom: Sampo

Loyalkaspar recently teamed up with director Jakob Ström to create a whimsical spot for Finnish bank Sampo. I’m not crazy about the writing; things get… Read more

Interview: Lobo Does Dupont

A series of mood boards (PDF) The whole set of mood boards in one go Animatic, showing influences from Maeda and Vasarely (QT 6) An… Read more

Interview: Freestyle Collective

Stills from the MTVK launch series From the opener for Fly, a DVD magazine Still from a FUEL ID entitled “Chemistry” From the show package… Read more

Stepping Back

[Warning: There are no links to exciting new projects in the following post.] As usual, when I’m between quarters (or between massive projects), I get… Read more

Interview: LAMBO brings the RAD

Working out the logo A sketch for the Coke “Oh Yeah” spot Style frame for Fox College Sports Characters for the Coke “Bubbles” spot Motionographer… Read more

Takagi Masakatsu

I’ve never really liked ‘video art’. It just never seemed to transgress how complete our established and prefered artforms feel to us. A good motion… Read more

Mograph.net hacked

I really don’t understand why people do these things, but apparently mograph.net has been hacked. I’m still trying to find more details. If you know… Read more

new Psyop…

Back again, and it seems red is the color lately for psyop. Two new spots, one for Grand Marnier, and one for AAA. Retro stylings… Read more

Loyalkaspar updates

Loyalkaspar did some updating recently with a new reel, and a few new pieces of work. Of particular interest is the 60 second spot for… Read more

Adam Gault…

I just happened to pull up Adams site out of curiosity today and was reminded how mind blowing Adams talents are. We all know him… Read more


PJ Wilson and Justin Harder have launched a new production company, Lambo. Their reel is nothing short of epic, with fantastic sound from Sounds Red,… Read more

Dvein goes Offf

You might have heard it previously mentioned that the OFFF ’06 title sequence by Dvein was something pretty special. I have to agree. I don’t… Read more

La Linea & Estacao Sigma

La Linea is an Italian cartoon series created by Osvaldo Cavandoli. Bibi’s Blog already said everything you need to know about this series so I’ll… Read more

Spring Time

1st Ave Machine 1st Ave Machine gives us something new to drool over with a new spot for Adidas. I almost forgot adidas made shoes… Read more

Articles and Interviews

A Conversation with Mate Steinforth April 18, 2012 Go! SXSW 2012: Animated Shorts April 10, 2012 Go! Motionographer’s Role in the Industry (Right Now) April… Read more

About Motionographer

Our story Motionographer® (pronounced like “oceanographer”) is a source of inspiration and insight for designers, animators and storytellers of all stripes. We share: outstanding work from studios,… Read more